Current Price of Silver Chart

Current Price of Silver Chart

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NEW YORK (June 17) The US Dollar (USD) trades flat ahead of the US session on Monday as risk aversion takes over markets amid the... Read More »
LONDON (June 17) Silver prices fell Monday as the U.S. dollar firmed and investors awaited clearer signals from the Federal Reserve on... Read More »
NEW YORK (June 12) Silver prices registered solid gains of 1.45% on Wednesday, as the US Federal Reserve kept monetary policy... Read More »

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The French markets endured a brutal selloff on Friday, that left bonds and bank stocks sharply lower.

Our long term stocks/bond model remains in favor of equities over bonds. Trend is up. Cycle is down. VIX is down.

The petrodollar quietly died this week. While it didn't get big headlines, the demise of the petrodollar could mean big trouble for a U.S. government that depends on dollar dominance to support its borrowing and spending.

The latest government inflation numbers were released this morning, and after they came in lower than expected, gold and silver have surged again.

Previously, I presented the following long-term silver chart (only closing values and this time monthly): More details on the chart can be found here. Over the last 125 years, the silver chart has formed two remarkably similar patterns. The 49-year pattern from 1919...

Silver use by the solar energy sector is one of the primary factors driving the overall demand for silver, and there is reason to believe photovoltaic silver off-take will continue to increase in the years ahead.

Given all of the attention that's been placed on the $30 level for the silver price in the past few years, as well as all of the technical trading that takes place around that level, it's not surprising to see the recent volatility ever since its broken through.

American consumers kept their credit cards in their pockets for the second straight month in April, a bad sign for an economy that has run on plastic for the last year.

By now, gold and silver investors have had a few days to process the latest selloff on Friday, that left silver again under $30, and gold only a few dollars away from breaking below the $2,300 level.

Gold and silver paused this week, along with the entire commodity complex. April's money supply stats show the second largest 2-week plunge in M2 ever. Meanwhile, the repo market hit $2 trillion traded nightly. Rafi Farber discussed how these forces will soon...

Our benchmark SP500 is on long term BUY signal. Oil sector is on a long term SELL signal. Gold sector is on a long term SELL signal.

Our cycle indicator is now DOWN. Current data favors overall lower silver prices.

When the Federal Reserve started raising rates, it precipitated a financial crisis. The central bank managed to paper over the problem with a bailout program, but the crisis continues to bubble and percolate under the surface.

Perhaps what's been most shocking about this year's silver rally is that the price has made its move in the face of a stronger dollar and higher yields.

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Silver has the highest electrical conductivity and heat of all metals.

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