Current Price of Silver Chart

Current Price of Silver Chart

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NEW YORK (May 24) Silver (XAG/USD) corrects back after peaking at the $32.51 high of May 19. It is close to a major support level... Read More »
NEW YORK (May 23) Silver price (XAU/USD) stabilizes near $30.20 after a vertical downfall in Thursday’s New York session. The... Read More »
NEW YORK (May 23) The US Dollar (USD) is in the red after in Asian trading being in the green when it had gained momentum after the... Read More »

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Governments constantly tinker with prices. Government people claim it's in our best interest, but price manipulation creates all kinds of unseen negative consequences.

Our long term stocks/bond model remains in favor of equities over bonds. Trend is up. Cycle is up. VIX is down.

Peter Krauth, author of the Great Silver Bull, and editor of the Silver Stock Investor Newsletter analyzes the Silver market and provides some education.

We've seen a stunning rally in silver over the past few weeks, that's left the price above $31, even despite a large short position by the banks.

All that glitters isn’t gold. Silver also has quite a shine lately. While gold has gotten the headlines, silver has had a solid bull run over the last several months. In fact, the white metal has outperformed gold in this gold bull market.

The white-collar thieves who manipulate bullion appear to be losing their grip. Silver bulls have long wondered how prices could languish even when demand for physical appeared to overwhelm dealer supplies.

3 years ago during the Silver Squeeze weekend leading into February of 2021 the silver price touched $30 for a few hours, before heading down a path that would eventually leave the price down below $18 by September of 2022.

As starry-eyed investors bask in the glory of a silver price which penetrated $30 oz. on Friday, it seems like a good time to review what has happened to the premiums attached to silver coins. I have written several articles about silver coin premiums over the past...

Silver cleared $29 resistance and is in breakout mode as Gold has rebounded to near its previous high at $2417. Silver could retest the breakout at $29 but retest or not, it appears headed to that strong target at $34-$35.

There was a triple top at $6.50 in the late 1970s, leading to $50 silver by 1980. There was a triple top at $20 in 2008-2010 leading to $50 silver by 2011. Now there is a triple (quadruple?) top at $30, probably leading to $50 silver within months once it is...

Our benchmark SP500 is on long term BUY signal. Oil sector is on a long term SELL signal. Gold sector is on a long term SELL signal.

Current data favors overall lower silver prices. Our cycle indicator is now DOWN.

Demand for silver in China is rising. Priced in US dollars, silver closed at $32.96 on May 17th (Shanghai exchange). Arbiters buy silver at or below $30.00 in the US and sell it at a premium to China. Just a reminder that there is far more fiat currency in the world...

A few weeks ago we saw silver rally close to the $30 level, before a Friday afternoon reversal left the price closer to $28 by the time the trading session closed.

The monthly rise in prices based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI) came in slightly lower than projected, sending a wave of euphoria across the financial landscape. The consensus is cooling inflation puts Federal Reserve interest rate cuts back on the table.

The melting point for silver is 961.93 °C - 1235.08 °K

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