Current Price of Silver Chart

Current Price of Silver Chart

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7 hours ago
Berlin-Germany (Mar 30)  Investors are continuing to flock to gold and silver exchange-traded funds, said Commerzbank analyst Carsten... Read More
7 hours ago
London (Mar 30) - Gold prices edged lower on Monday as a flight to cash to cover losses in equities overshadowed measures by global central... Read More
7 hours ago
BOSTON/WASHINGTON (Mar 30) - The Federal Reserve has offered more than $3 trillion in loans and asset purchases in recent weeks to stop the... Read More

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Join us as we discuss higher time frame technical analysis with 20-year veteran technician Chris Vermeulen, Founder and Chief Market Strategist of 

My clients have known for a long time that the nucleus of the next crisis will be in the overleveraged corporate bond market.

Whichever way you cut it, silver’s chart looks bearish for the short to medium-term, but against this we must set its rapidly improving COT structure and the mega-bullish silver to gold ratio (by all past standards).

Oil sector remains on long-term sell signal as of end of February.  The long-term signal remains on buy at month end. However, the current investing model favors bonds, therefore, investors should continue to overweigh with long bonds or bond ETFs for safety over...

The carnage in the silver miners’ stocks has been apocalyptic, fueled by the astounding COVID-19 stock panic.  As terrified traders frantically dumped everything and ran for the hills, silver and its miners’ stocks crashed.  That catastrophic anomaly has potentially...

Dear Prime Minister: An exit strategy from the domestic and global monetary debasement arising from the combined economic effects of the coronavirus and a downturn in the credit cycle

The much-anticipated upswing continuation came yesterday, and the bulls certainly fought hard to keep up the upside momentum. To what degree have they been successful with most of the intraday gains evaporating before the closing bell?

The soup lines hadn’t formed yet. Jobs had not even noticeably started to dry up, but they weren’t as easy to find anymore. You had to be angry to quit without having a better job firmly in hand. Stocks were climbing furiously above an economy that had been slowly...

In recent days the Fed has made it plain that it is prepared TO BUY ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING to prevent imminent total collapse, and you don’t have to join many dots to see that this will extend to BUYING STOCKS, and it’s not that hard for them – all they have to do...

As if the Fed’s unlimited QE wasn’t enough, we’ll get a $2T stimulus now. Predictably and much to our subscribers’ delight, the S&P 500 loved that. As it sprang to life, we’ve already cashed in an 82-point profit on that upswing. As we’re currently riding...

Breaking news: The Wall Street casino created another all-time high for the Dow during the week ending February 14. Then it fell 35% in March. The “pickle” description is explained below. Stay tuned.

The precious metals market continues to experience unprecedented demand for silver bullion products.  Even with the Fed increasing its liquidity injections by providing “Open-ended” QE to infinity, the Dow Jones Index today is still selling off considerably…. down...

On the heels of the Fed’s unlimited QE promise, the S&P 500 sprang to life finally. All the gains though were given up in less than three hours. As the futures keep climbing overnight, does it herald a turnaround?

In this second part of our research into the potential collateral damage, the Covid-19 global virus event may cause in the housing and commercial real estate markets, we want to start by sharing some information that severe cracks are already starting to appear in...

We reached out to Ted Butler of to get some of his thoughts on spot price plunges this past month in COMEX silver and COMEX gold specifically.

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During 1500s the Spaniards had taken 16,000,000 kilograms of silver from Peru.