Current Price of Silver Chart

Current Price of Silver Chart

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15 hours ago
New York (Sept 22)  In what has been a familiar theme for the gold market, its next trend could be determined in a single day next... Read More
20 hours ago
London (Sept 22)  Gold is stuck in a narrow range and could suffer a downside break if the Fed stresses on overshooting the neutral... Read More
20 hours ago
New York (Sept 22)  Gaining 82 points on the day resulted in the Dow Jones Industrial Average closing at a new record high of 26,743.... Read More

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Current investing model favors equities, therefore, investors should remain overweighed with stocks or stock ETFs for maximum growth. Ignore short-term market volatility and noises.

Shortly after I posted publicly last week’s article, “Is the COT Report Still Valid?,” commentary on my article was posted by Chris Powell, from GATA, suggesting that I consider the possibility that JPMorgan may be operating in the silver and gold markets as an...

A subscriber who qualifies as a Hidden Pivot ace broached a Dow rally target at 40,000 Thursday in the chat room, but I’m not keen on encouraging such speculation. Applying Hidden Pivot analysis to the long-term picture, I can make a case for a move to 34,450 but no...

The perspective that most have about Bitcoin ranges from complete lack of knowledge to utter certainty that it will change the world.  Moreover, there are really no true “fundamentals” with which analysts are able to even attempt to value it based upon traditional...

The sales of Silver Eagles surged in September as the U.S. Mint removed their temporary supply restriction.  As the silver price continued to trend to new lows at the beginning of the month, several large purchases of Silver Eagles by the Authorized Dealers wiped...

“History is due to repeat itself” warns Ray Dalio on Bloomberg. – “I think it will be more of a dollar crisis than a debt crisis” says Bridgewater Founder. – “It will be more of a political and social crisis…”

Wall Street has done a great job tuning out a tariff war that has grown every bit as menacing as Smoot-Hawley must have seemed in 1929. Admittedly, even Rick’s Picks at its most dour assumed just a few short months ago that everything would turn out hunky-dory.

A key difference between silver and gold prices is the fact that silver already bottomed in 1993, whereas gold bottomed only in 1999. This means that from 1993 to 1999 silver was actually in an uptrend, while gold was still caught in a downtrend. This little known ...

– “Every fiat currency in history has failed and this one is failing” warns Silver Guru. – “I do not think we can go another 5 years” … I am looking for this to happen “between 2020 and 2022” says David Morgan

Recent downside pricing pressure on Technology and FANG stocks have kept investors wary of jumping back into the market while we wait to see where the bottom may form.  Concerns about long-term pricing pressures, US trade wars and the continued Congressional...

If you rely on the mainstream financial press for your information then you could be forgiven for believing that financial crises happen with no warning. However, there are always warnings if you know where to look.

A drop in silver prices this year has attracted investors seeking a bargain, prompting a temporary sellout of the 2018 American Silver Eagle bullion coins at the U.S. Mint this month.

Just in time for what appears to be a potentially massive market price rotation, our researchers have put together this post to highlight what we believe will become a surprise price correction in the US Equities markets.  Our team of researchers believes the...

There can be little question that there has been a literal explosion in awareness and public commentary focusing on the Commitments of Traders (COT) Report and the analysis of silver and gold (and other markets) in accordance with futures market positioning.

This week, I am going to bring back the list of reasons that have been paraded before you over the last three-plus years as to why the stock market rally is over: Brexit – NOPE. Frexit – NOPE. Grexit - NOPE. 

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Man has had the ability to separate silver from lead for as far back as 4000 B.C.