Current Price of Silver Chart

Current Price of Silver Chart

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22 hours ago
New York (Oct 30)  With the presidential election drawing near, a litany of data released this week shows the U.S. economy continues... Read More
1 day ago
BRUSSELS (Oct 30) - The euro zone economy rebounded more than expected in the third quarter from its coronavirus-induced slump, but the... Read More
1 day ago
New York (Oct 30)  There are a couple of key areas that gold may find some resistance in the US session. The first is the black line... Read More

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Our benchmark S&P500 is on a long-term BUY signal. However, the current investing model remains in favor of bonds, therefore, investors should continue to overweigh with long bonds or bond ETFs for safety over growth.

There was a time when the British pound bestrode the world. More correctly, it was the gold standard behind it, the pound acting as a gold substitute between the end of the Napoleonic Wars and the outbreak of the First World War. Its sound money was extended...

That’s what many expect. Speculations are getting wild about election results and how they affect the markets. Many other aspects come into play and a heated emotional debate is in play since one’s political affiliation might trigger more emotions…. Stop!

Peter Krauth compares silver and bitcoin and explains why he believes investors should own both. At the risk of offending bitcoin or silver investors, I think this is a question worth asking. I have been researching and following these assets for some time.

Silver is not just any industrial metal. Used as money for centuries, much longer than the fiat currencies have been used, with its specific properties that are also widely used in many industries (best conductor of heat and electricity), with crude oil, it is...

The best performing precious metal for the week was platinum, up 4.64 percent on perhaps sentiment that demand should pick up with more hydrogen research and production. Gold edged up on Friday as the U.S. dollar weakened on German data showing factories recovering...

According to our previous expectations and in tune with our current trading position, we've witnessed a decline in today's pre-market crude oil trading . However, this doesn’t mean that there are no changes in crude oil’s chart whatsoever.

Silver remains on a major BUY signal at the end of September. SLV is on short term buy signal. Cycle is up. 

Our benchmark SP500 is on a long term BUY signal. However, the current investing model remains in favor of bonds, therefore, investors should continue to overweigh with long bonds or bond ETFs for safety over growth.

With hyperinflation looming, silver has to be one of the best investments of these times, especially as it leverages gold's gains. This summer saw a spectacular high volume breakout from the giant base pattern that had been forming for years, as we can see on its...

If you go to eBay you will find prices for physical Silver to be at least 20% higher per ounce than the spot price. This supply/demand imbalance is persistent now for many weeks already. Imagine the next few months not to be as favorable as typical for the investor...

US stocks are behaving amazingly well given the political and economic near-chaos of the past few months. This is probably the first recession that inflated rather than popped financial asset bubbles.

The Eurozone is bust. The deterioration of TARGET2 imbalances have been hardly noticed, but in recent months it has been alarming. Despite official denials over the years that it is a matter of concern, it is increasingly obvious that the national banks of Italy,...

Way back in 2004 (boy, how the years fly by) I wrote this article, one of first few I’d written. Deflation: A Manufacturer’s View. I was not the market nerd then that I am now. But I was very interested, coming at it from a global macro standpoint, given that...

Even in the competitive hunting/shooting community, few enthusiasts know about an arcane rifle known as a "double trigger shotgun." Essentially, it's a double-barrel shotgun having a trigger for each barrel.

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The melting point for silver is 961.93 °C - 1235.08 °K

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