Current Price of Silver Chart

Current Price of Silver Chart

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2 hours ago
New York (Dec 10)  Gold prices are trading modestly lower in early-afternoon U.S. trading Monday, on a mild corrective pullback after... Read More
8 hours ago
Mumbai-India (Dec 10)  Gold prices fell Rs 38 to Rs 31,557 per 10 gram at the futures trade as speculators reduced their exposure... Read More
8 hours ago
New York (Dec 10)  Gold extended its steady decline from five-month tops and is currently placed at the lower end of its daily trading... Read More

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The precious metals sector has just one standout performer this year, and that is palladium. Lately the market for that metal has gotten more than just hot. Developments there could have implications for the LBMA and the rickety fractional reserve system of...

First let’s explain exactly what a “Fed Put” is. A Fed put is defined as: The confidence of Wall Street that the Fed will lower interest rates and print money to support the market until economic strength will be strong enough to carry stocks higher. 

Now that the world’s central banking cartel is taking a long-overdue pause from printing money and handing it to the wealthy elite, the collection of asset price bubbles nested within the Everything Bubble are starting to burst. 

Index futures were groping for a bottom Sunday night, extending Friday’s losses by about a 35% on light volume. DaBoyz will have a chance to exhaust sellers at somewhat lower levels, since the Mini-Dow and the Mini S&P were within easy distance of Hidden Pivot...

Current investing model favors equities, therefore, investors should remain overweighed with stocks or stock ETFs for maximum growth. A monthly close below 2603 on our benchmark $SPX will trigger a new long term sell signal.

The Dow Industrials reversed 700 points yesterday, turning a morning disaster into an afternoon wilding spree that has the potential to end the week on a bullish note. The rally was purely technical, beginning as it did a millimeter beneath an important low recorded...

There are two ways of looking at the intersection of debt and population. One way says that if debt is rising population should also rise to allow future workers to pay for the retirement of today’s. More people thus make debt easier to manage.

Stocks aren’t supposed to crash in December.  Most of the time we see a nice “Santa Claus rally” to close out the year, and so what happened on Tuesday is definitely extremely unusual.  The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 799 points, which was the fourth largest ...

This week, a white metal reached a rare feat. Palladium has traded at a higher cost per ounce than gold. Last month, the palladium market pushed through all remaining technical barriers by posting a new all-time high. A chronic supply deficit now threatens to launch...

I am a Tariff Man. When people or countries come in to raid the great wealth of our Nation, I want them to pay for the privilege of doing so. It will always be the best way to max out our economic power. We are right now taking in $billions in tariffs. MAKE AMERICA...

The Great Recession, coupled with the “Ron Paul Revolution,” prompted a renaissance of the sound money movement in the United States.

We’ll be trusting Santa rallies a tad less as a result of Tuesday’s take-no-prisoners selloff. Mainly, it’ll be a matter of keeping the word “DISTRIBUTION!!!” well in mind every time shares take even a few mincing steps higher. That goes for AAPL as well, my one-...

Official US national debt exceeds $21 trillion. National debt increases over $3 billion per day. Another day older and $3 billion deeper in debt!

A quick recap of the past couple of months: Stocks plunge. The politicians, bureaucrats and bankers who depend on artificially-elevated financial asset prices start to panic.

US government agencies could run out of operating funds starting on midnight this Friday, December 7th. At issue: President Donald Trump’s proposed border wall. He wants Congress to commit $5 billion for construction of a wall along portions of the U.S.-Mexico...

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Dollar falls on uncertainty but ends week with modest gain