Current Price of Silver Chart

Current Price of Silver Chart

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19 hours ago
London (Mar 7)  The price of gold bounces back from a fresh weekly low ($1688) as the initial reaction to the 379K rise in US Non-Farm... Read More
1 day ago
Mumbai-India (Mar 6)  Gold Price Outlook: After scaling to its life-time high of Rs 56,191 per 10 gm at MCX in August 2020, gold price... Read More
2 days ago
New York (Mar 5)  Pressure continues to mount on gold and silver, both continue to violate significant levels as the collapse... Read More

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Our long-term stocks/bond model is in favor of stocks over bonds. Investors should overweigh their portfolios with stock/stock ETFs for maximum growth. The energy /oil sector has a new long-term buy signal and should produce above average return over the next few...

The global sovereign bond market is fracturing, and its ramifications for asset prices cannot be overstated. Borrowing costs around this debt-disabled world are now surging. The long-awaited reality check for those that believed they could borrow and print with...

I called Jay Powell's bluff a week ago. Remember when he said last week that we're still far from The Fed's inflation targets? Well, I was right to doubt him. The market didn't like his change in tone Thursday (Mar. 5).

“Remember that the market is a forward-looking indicator. Ideally, it is pricing in the gains of the next six to 18 months.”

Faced with the dire Covid-19 crisis, some lawmakers are starting to see publicly-owned banks as the key to ensuring an equitable economic recovery.

Breaking News: Gold fell $48 to $1,729 for the week ending February 26. Silver fell $0.86 to $26.40. The S&P 500 Index closed at another all-time high on February 12. Tesla sold for $900 in early February, and closed the month at $675, down 25%. Bitcoin reached...

After March kicked off with a session that indicated the worst for stocks may be over (for now), Tuesday saw the indices sell-off towards the close.

Led by industrial use and physical silver investment, global silver demand is projected to achieve an 8 year high of 1.025 billion ounces in 2021, according to an analysis published by the Silver Institute on February 10.

The global credit-blowout has stoked fears of a money-printing catastrophe like the one that wrecked Germany's economy a hundred years ago, planting the seeds of World War II.  However, even a cursory look at the Weimar hyperinflation of 1921-23 reveals why it is...

Anyone with a naked short in the silver futures market risks getting squeezed by physical buying. Demand for delivery of COMEX silver bars is rising, even as the paper price of the metal fell more than 4.5% last week.

Is the worst of what the last few weeks brought over? February started off with so much promise, only to be ruined by surging bond yields. The way that bond yields have popped has weighed heavily on growth stocks. Outside of seeing a minor comeback on Friday (Feb....

When you retire, your investment goals change. It is one thing to build a portfolio of unrealized gains and reinvest all of your gains when you are still earning an income. However, it is a very different ball-game when you start withdrawing money from your...

Last March, the financial markets were rocked by a disease that public health officials defined as a pandemic. Stocks and gold both tanked, and the locked-down economy went into free-fall.

Silver remains on a major BUY signal at the end of February. Long-term – on BUY signal as of end of February. Short-term – on sell signal. We are holding long-term positions.

Below is the ‘Opening Notes’ segment excerpted from the February 21 edition of Notes From the Rabbit Hole, NFTRH 643. The point of this segment was primarily to illustrate how hard it was to adopt the inflation view in Q4 2008 and in spring of 2020. It was...

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The symbol for silver ‘AG’ comes from the Latin word ‘agentum’ meaning silver.

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