Current Price of Silver Chart

Current Price of Silver Chart

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6 hours ago
New York (Dec 3)  While the gold market has struggled to find solid footing after falling from August's all-time highs, one fund... Read More
6 hours ago
New York (Dec 3)  Bitcoin-U.S. dollar prices are weaker in early U.S. trading at mid-week, after hitting a record high Tuesday. Bulls... Read More
6 hours ago
London (Dec 3)  Gold kicked off December with two consecutive daily gains, which pushed the precious metal above $1,830 an ounce on... Read More

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It was just two days ago, that we wrote about last week’s slide in the silver price from around $24, to around $22.50. Well, yesterday and today the price ascended back to around $24. The question is whether silver is now just as scarce as it was, scarcer, or more...

U.S. stocks recovered Monday’s losses and kicked off December with more gains. The rallies we saw in November continued on to start the final month of 2020 - a year which has been quite trying and difficult.

From trading down to a $21 Monday morning to surging 10% higher by Tuesday afternoon, it looks like the bottom is in. Chris Vermeulen joins the Silver Doctors for a robust discussion on the current market technicals for silver. The charts are signaling a silver...

Cook: What is the reason for the extreme price volatility in the silver market? Butler: We're reaching the end of the line, in terms of the final resolution and the train is shaking so much, it looks to be coming off the tracks.

Gold and Silver exchange-traded funds (ETFs), a measure of large investor interest, are experiencing outflows as opposed to an almost interrupted inflow over the last few months.

Even with Covid-19 fear-mongering ratcheted to-the-max, the stock market continues to defy gravity and common sense. A Dr. Andre Campbell warned over the weekend that "we could be facing an apocalypse by Christmas" due to the growing number of hospitalizations.

The stock market and economy appear to be doing ok for the moment, as the incredibly dangerous bubble inflates further. This optimism is predicated on a plethora of COVID-19 Vaccines, which are projected to bring the economy back to its pre-COVID state of health. ...

Markets last week rallied in a post-Thanksgiving shortened trading day. The Dow Jones closed higher by 37.90 points, or 0.13% at 29,910.37. The S&P 500 notched another record closing high and gained 0.24%, while The Nasdaq also closed at a record high and...

Covid has a dramatic impact on productivity and business. As such, the burdens on governments and their budgets are enormous. The likelihood of a fiscal stimulus in U.S. to have fruitful effects to produce economic growth and as such value is extremely diminished....

Our benchmark S&P500 is on a long-term BUY signal. However, the current investing model remains in favor of bonds, therefore, investors should continue to overweigh with long bonds or bond ETFs for safety over growth. This WILL change at month end.

The silver miners’ stocks have been grinding lower on balance since early August in a healthy correction. This necessary rebalancing is achieving its mission of dampening enthusiasm, paving the way for this sector’s next bull upleg. Rebounding from governments’...

It’s time for my semi-regular roundup of where the economy has gone since the last roundup, and … It’s a long line of devilish details. Retail sales have recovered, but not enough on the upside where they stalled out in October, to compensate for earlier losses to...

Confidence in American politics is now rarer than gold. The U.S. election system, once sacrosanct, is losing the trust of half the country. Which half will depend on the outcome of Donald Trump’s efforts in the courts to demonstrate widespread fraud.

The evolution of humankind supposedly goes something like this: From a void and through a series of serendipitous happenstances arose; galaxies, the Earthly Primordial ooze, Bacteria, Monkeys, and eventually homo sapiens (wise man). The evolution of the Fed is...

With more money printing than ever, and record silver and gold deliveries on the COMEX this year, many are wondering how the traditionally large December delivery cycle will play out.

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Peru became the world’s largest producer of silver in 2012.

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