Current Price of Silver Chart

Current Price of Silver Chart

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NEW YORK (September 22) Silver builds on the previous day's solid recovery move from the $22.80 area, or the weekly low, and gains strong... Read More »
NEW YORK (September 22) Silver marked an increase of 1.15%, settling at $23.702 per ounce on Friday. Despite a robust dollar and... Read More »
NEW YORK (September 22) Campbell Harvey, a Duke University finance professor best known for developing the yield-curve recession... Read More »

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Reality keeps hitting points home for the poor Dow and its beleaguered company of other indices. It dented the Dow pretty badly today. A trio of central banks have all underlined this week the fact that the battle will be long, and their will to stick it out with...

Hours before my father’s collapse we were trading text messages across the 7- time zones between us about my son’s first sentence, only to receive a call moments before going to bed that he was gone.

With the fundamental roadblocks adding up, silver confronts a bearish outlook at nearly every turn.

Our long term stocks/bond model is in favor of equities over bonds. Trend is down. VIX is up and markets are down.

According to many commentators, the Fed’s monetary policy, which aims at price stability, is the key factor in attaining stable economic growth. They claim that what prevents the attainment of price stability are fluctuations in the federal funds rate relative to...

After 40 years of silver price manipulation and suppression on the COMEX, the physical market has experienced a lack of production growth and enhanced demand brought about by too-low silver prices.

The Federal Reserve has seen the government inflation metrics come down over the past year throughout its interest rate hiking campaign. But one of the driving factors behind the decreases in the rate of increase has been lower energy prices.

In this episode, we are joined by David Hunter, chief macro strategist with Contrarian Macro Advisors, and we talk about the looming financial crisis, global economic conditions, and the potential future of gold and silver.

We hear a lot about the virtues of owning real estate for wealth preservation during a hyperinflationary crisis, but in this week's Silver Report, Rafi Farber explains why it does not work that way, and proves the point from what's happening in hyperinflationary...

Our cycle indicator is DOWN. Cycle is down. Trend is down. We are in cash and wait for the next cycle bottom.

Our long term stocks/bond model is in favor of equities over bonds. Trend is down. VIX is down. We closed out our short positions with a small profit.

For the past year and a half the markets have watched the Federal Reserve raise interest rates, while waiting to see how far they would go before pausing. And also when they would begin cutting rates following the last hike.

The latest Consumer Price Inflation reading came out this morning, and showed that prices rose at a higher rate than in July, and slightly above expectations. Which has left gold and silver slightly lower in Wednesday morning trading.

As with gold the increasing danger going into this Fall is that silver gets caught up in a “pan selloff” involving a market crash triggered by a cascade of bank failures, a crisis in the debt market and another long period of lockdown using a Covid variant / climate...

One of the significant changes in the silver market over the past week has been a drop in the EFP (exchange for physical), with the spread between spot silver and the futures narrowing.

Silver has the highest electrical conductivity and heat of all metals.

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