2014 Uncirculated Silver Eagle Sales Debut at 106,349

San Francisco (Apr 17)  Collector demand opened stronger this year for the annually issued uncirculated American Silver Eagle.

Released on Thursday, April 10, the 2014-W Uncirculated Silver Eagle notched sales of 106,349 by Sunday, April 13. The start is 1,779 higher than last year, snapping a declining streak, and it happened in a shorter reporting period. Debut sales for the 2013 coin totaled 104,570 from Tuesday to the following Monday.

This year’s uncirculated Silver Eagle has pricing advantages to capture more interest. Its regular price is $43.95, plus U.S. Mint subscription members received a 10% promotion discount to bring that down to $39.55. In contrast, last year’s coin opened at $48.95 and a discount was not available.

Also supportive for those who limit funds for numismatics, this year there are no special sets or unique American Silver Eagle editions to offer competition — there’s just the standard annually released uncirculated coin, proof coin and bullion coin.

Similar to past years, demand will decide how many coins sell. There are no mintage limits or household ordering limits. Below is a table showing how the series has performed since it was introduced. Sales figures include all uncirculated Silver Eagles, including those sold individually as well as those purchased as part of numismatic sets.

Last year’s uncirculated coin sold out individually on Dec. 19 with last reported sales of 178,941. However, it’s also one of the coins within the 2013 Annual Uncirculated Dollar Coin Set which the U.S. Mint is still selling for $44.95. Sales of the set most recently grew 593 and total 37,936 as of Sunday.

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