After showing signs of hope, silver price disappoints again

March 27, 2014

San Francisco (Mar 27)  In late February, the market price of commodity silver was in the area of $22 per Troy ounce. In the following month, the silver price has reverted to its old ways and now is below $20. Even the Russian situation in Crimea seems to have had no effect.

We're sticking to our recent analysis that unless a really bad world conflict evolves and/or until inflation rears its head worldwide, the silver price probably will stay in the range of $18 to $22 for a while. While the price is depressed, we're taking this opportunity to buy sterling flatware and hollowware to boost our inventory a bit. If you are looking to buy sterling pieces yourself, now might be the time. The last time I checked on eBay, there were some real bargains.


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