‘Mark 0f The Beast’ Update! New Evidence!

July 25, 2017

Our economic system is gradually and relentlessly evolving into a control system which has been prophesied for these end-time days. Many of us who understand and believe in Providence believe that this end-time monetary system (which is evolving as I write) will be this ‘Mark of the Beast’ system. I see this system emerging daily as our Central Planners work to install digital money as the default model for money. Today, I noticed that a company in River Falls, Wisconsin, has adopted a harbinger to this Beast system for some of their employees. You can watch a short video on this company and the system:


RIVER FALLS, Wis. (WBAY) – It sounds like the plot of a dystopian science fiction story, but it’s very real. A Wisconsin company has offered its employees a chance to be implanted with microchips.

Three Square Market

Three Square Market, based in River Falls, says employees will be implanted with RFID chips “allowing them to make purchases in their break room micro market, open doors, login to computers, use the copy machine, etc.” The microchip is optional. The company says it is the first in the United States to offer the technology to employees. The chip is implanted between the thumb and forefinger of the skin.

It uses “near-field communication”, which is similar to Apple Pay and Google Wallet on smartphones. “We foresee the use of RFID technology to drive everything from making purchases in our office break room market, opening doors, use of copy machines, logging into our office computers, unlocking phones, sharing business cards, storing medical/health information, and used as payment at other RFID terminals. Eventually, this technology will become standardized allowing you to use this as your passport, public transit, all purchasing opportunities, etc.” said 32M CEO, Todd Westby.

A Swedish company called Biohax International is also planning to chip a group of their employees for their future needs beginning in August. The Swedish startup hub Epicenter is also applying this technology. The company offers to implant its workers and startup members with microchips the size of grains of rice that function as swipe cards: to open doors, operate printers, or buy smoothies with a wave of the hand. The injections have become so popular that workers at Epicenter hold parties for those willing to get implanted.

All this evolution is a result of our Central Planners adopting digital money for our markets. Digital money consists of currency units created from the mind of our banksters. This gives our banksters the option to ‘control’ all of us and watch (plus record) all our private monetary decisions (including our real-time location) and whereabouts via GPS software. It’s sinister and corrupt but most everyone will fall for this technology as the Days of Noah continue to evolve.

Prepare now to exit the entire monetary system down the road when the Beast System gets fully programmed for its control over human behavior. To buy or sell one will need to give allegiance to this Beast System. Personally, I will start my barter system at this time as I will refuse to take this prophesied ‘Mark’. Many others in America and the world are aware that a Beast financial system is emerging rapidly. So, a barter black market system may work for those of us who reject this ‘control’ and ‘mandated’ official system.

Much of the world (which now bows to technology and governments) will buy into this digital control system. Many of my Swedish friends (most who are very secular in their thinking) will likely buy into this system. If fact they already are in spades. Anyone with a materialistic mindset (worldview) will likely buy into this system. Those of us with a metaphysical/spiritual worldview, however, will summarily reject this system and those who attempt to implement it. The time to reject the Mark is soon arriving for many of us. Think for yourself going forward! I am: https://kingdomecon.wordpress.com.

The Fourth Coinage Act of 1873 embraced the gold standard and demonetized silver, known as the “Crime of 73”

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