All Economists Need To Understand Consciousness! Why?

August 3, 2017

Image result for does my brain produce consciousnessReality is what we all must bow to in the longer run. Reality is another word for ‘truth’. In today’s world ‘truth’ is subjective and less than absolute as human beings actually ‘discover’ truth…they do not originate ‘truth’. So what I propose in this missive is that we attempt to get ‘closer’ to truth recognizing that any final view on reality/truth is subject to change over time. Today, let’s think about this concept called ‘consciousness’. Consciousness ‘originates’ all our digital currencies today and consciousness ‘values’ all our products which we produce and distribute to the marketplace. This concept called ‘value’ is fundamental to economics and money. Where does it originate? Is it derived from consciousness?

So what is consciousness is the mission of this missive. Is it non-physical and beyond the realm of materialistic science (as some suggest)? Materialistic science assumes that all reality derives from material sources and forces. Matter in motion is the mantra which science promotes as reality. Today, however, there are many thinkers who reject this materialistic view of reality. I reject it as I sense (know subjectively) that this concept called ‘value’ is beyond any materialistic model of reality. My 50 years of experience with this concept leads me to my viewpoint. Value derives from consciousness (my mind) and it then is applied subjectively to units of production (goods). That is my basic premise.

I also sense (know subjectively) that our money today is virtual and that this unit of ‘whatever’ does not come from nature (our material world). I watch as our Central Planners (bank administrators and Central bankers) create our money digits from their thinking. Thinking, to me, is equivalent to my consciousness. So does my material brain produce my consciousness (as most of neuroscience claims)? I have watched dozens of videos and read dozens of scientific reports on consciousness and most of these experts claim and assume that my brain produces my consciousness. This means that my brain produces by words, thoughts, symbols, imagination, and my subjective thinking experience.

My sense, however, is that this materialistic model of reality, which assumes that brain activity produces my thinking and consciousness is less than valid. In reality, my sense is that my brain is the receiver of my consciousness and it is my consciousness which precedes any brain activity. In other words a ‘dead’ brain cannot produce my consciousness (this we all agree upon) and a ‘live’ brain also can not produce my consciousness. What happens is that my consciousness actually produces my brain wave movements, my neuronal activity, and all the interconnected results which happen thereafter. For economists, this means that our money today is created from non-material consciousness and this money technically does not exist. The mantra that money derives from ‘thin air’ or from ‘nothing’ physical is a valid argument IMO.

To understand my/your brain and consciousness I would propose that you watch the following video. This video is a contrarian view on consciousness (from most neuroscience in the public domain) and this view fits with my understanding of economics and money. It proposes that my brain does not produce consciousness (a materialistic worldview) but that my brain is a receiver of my consciousness which originates within a non-material realm. “Looking for consciousness in the brain is like looking in the radio for the announcer.” –Nasseim Haramein, director of research for the Resonance Project. This means that what we call digital money today are really units of our consciousness (which is non-physical and post-materialistic).

The above video gives an alternative view on consciousness which fits my view of reality. We could call this view a post-materialist view of reality. This view fits my perception that this concept called ‘value’ is a pure concept of a non-materialistic consciousness. Value is fundamental to all economic activity and is foundational to our history of money and finance. This concept called ‘value’ is what we use to get a mortgage loan on our property. When we trade products internationally, we trade value for value with our counterparty. If Russia wants our grain and we want their oil, we can devise a value for value exchange to complete a transaction.

So understanding the nature of consciousness is essential for economists, financial pundits, and all traders. Take the time to listen and watch the above video and then do some of your own research on consciousness. My research gives me the view that consciousness is a post-materialistic concept. Consciousness is non-physical and/or metaphysical and beyond the viewpoint that my brain is the source of my consciousness. The view of materialistic neuroscience is only one view of reality. My view derives from the philosophy of Dualism and Spirituality. Dualism and a post-materialistic worldview on consciousness seems like reality to me: Give this some thought and reflection. I am:

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