Andy Schectman: Retail Silver Supply Catches Up With Demand

February 22, 2023


In the past 3 years since the pandemic outbreak there have been several times where surges in demand for physical silver have left many products unavailable or delayed, including as recently as last November.

However in this week's physical silver report with Andy Schectman of Miles Franklin, Andy mentions that the wholesalers are now caught up, and that the latest bottleneck has been resolved.

Premiums have come down in recent months, and while not back to the levels that were considered normal prior to the pandemic, they are on the lower side of what the market has seen since that began.

In terms of the demand side, while there was a significant lull from December into January, Andy reports that demand has picked up to more normal levels since then, as many of his clients have been buying while the premiums are lower and the price has dropped.

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