Andy Schectman: Silver Premiums Rise As Demand Remains Strong

April 12, 2023

Earlier this year silver premiums dropped to their lowest levels since the COVID pandemic, after a large spike towards the end of 2022.

Yet following the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, there's been a surge of demand, that still shows no signs of letting up, and has led to premiums rising yet again.

So in this week's physical silver market report, Andy Schectman of Miles Franklin talks about the latest conditions in the market, and why he continues to hear from new customers who want to get their money out of the banking system.

He also talks about the ongoing global de-dollarization movement, that continues to accelerate as countries around the globe grow concerned about the policies backing the dollar. Which is another reason that his American customers are left feeling concerned about leaving their savings in dollars, and are turning to gold and silver.

So to find out more about the latest conditions in the retail silver market, click to watch this video now!

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