Bitcoin Mania (First)…Then The CRASH!

December 11, 2017

We can learn much about money and its dynamics by watching this new phenomenon called Bitcoin. Bitcoin is viewed by many millennials and by many within generation X community as the future of money. This could explode this ‘imaginary’ image into a MANIA phase prior to its eventual collapse to zero. Pundits like Max Keiser and Bill Gates think digital money will create a boom in all financial services.

What few understand is that this concept called ‘value’ is at the core of all manias and this subjective concept could propel this crypto-currency into a MANIA phase. In reality, Bitcoin is ‘imaginary’ and it has ZERO stand- alone ‘value’. But this is irrelevant for the present as our millennial generation and many generation X pundits THINK that Bitcoin is real and the future of money. Emotion rules over this concept called ‘value’!

Bill Gates thinks countries like Kenya, Nigeria, and Somalia will go totally digital soon and then buy into these virtual currencies.  These countries will lead the way to this digital marketplace for the world, says Bill. Bill also thinks that our legacy institutions must embrace these digital currencies so that a currency like Bitcoin can grow exponentially. Many other pundits are following this lead of select experts by promoting these digital currencies for our planet. Is this sound thinking?

Warren Buffet, the oracle of finance, does not view Bitcoin as viable. Warren says that Bitcoin is a mirage and a joke. So who understands money and what will emerge going forward. Prophecy does predict that a global digital currency will emerge at some point. The concept is called the ‘Mark of the Beast’ financial system. Is Bitcoin the model and progenitor which will help move us to this prophesied system? It could be the progenitor of the ‘Mark of the Beast’ financial system!

My view is that all money units are really proxies for this concept called ‘value’. Few understand this concept called ‘value’. I have been teaching about this concept for 50 years. In reality, ‘value’ is subjective/imaginary and a virtual concept of our mind. It has NO objective definition (try define it). This means that any item chosen to serve as money can create a MANIA phase…if enough traders buy into the trend. It’s all centered on this concept called ‘value’! Think for yourself to discern what is happening.

Bitcoin will create the coming trend towards the ‘Mark of the Beast’ economy IMO. Digital money will grow because PROPHECY says that it will grow. Prophecy rules over all our markets and the SOURCE of rulership (the Most High) determines what will emerge going forward. A MANIA in Bitcoin is emerging as I write and those with wisdom will avoid this fad. It will eventually go to ZERO (as this unit is really imaginary/nothing/virtual/cyber). 

P.S. Money is really an ‘imaginary’ concept which developed under Capitalism to solve the mystery called ‘value’. Any item of the mind can serve as money for a time. Historically, wampum, tobacco, beaver skins, cattle, salt, silver, and gold all have served as money. A currency emerges so we can ‘calculate’ this subjective concept called ‘value’. Governments then force a currency upon the people so they can RULE over the masses. Today, our dollar rules over most of the planet.

Our dollar ($) is now a digital currency and some 95% of all money transactions (in the USA) are satisfied using this digital dollar ($). An official digital dollar may emerge soon to replace the paper dollar idea. This official digital unit (with some catchy ‘name’) could become the prophesied ‘Mark of the Beast’ currency. Prophecy rules this planet (ultimately) and I expect that we will witness an official digital currency as the world currency at some point down the road.

For those with wisdom, the current trends can be very instructive. Money rules over this planet and those who control us will likely continue their control system (using digital money) until a ‘rapture’ of believers occurs. ‘Come up hither’ is what I call the ‘rapture’ and this is a spiritual ascension to the Throne Room of the Most High God. It is not some escape into the sky above as many prophecy experts maintain. Think for yourself, however, on all these ideas. Enjoy all the confusion and think on this concept called ‘value’! I am:

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