Bitcoin Price To $0 Or $1 Million In One Year? MoneyConf 2018 Poll

June 15, 2018

Bitcoin price in one year (June 2019)? 

– Bitcoin at $10,000 is the call of majority of MoneyConf poll participants

– Bears see bitcoin at $0 while uber bulls see $100k/$1m (incl. Max Keiser)

– Is binary and “bitcoin will likely go to zero or go much higher”

– “Which cryptocurrency are you betting on in 2019?” – MoneyConf poll asks

– Bitcoin,
ethereum favoured in poll over ripple and litecoin

– What’s the biggest concern with Initial Coin Offerings or ICOs?

– Lack of regulation (incl. investor rights), volatility and bubble will burst

– Most cryptos will go to zero and more than 99% of ICOs will go to zero as “no intrinsic value whatsoever”

Video recorded at MoneyConf 2018. What do you think?

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