COMEX 'Registered' Silver Drops Below 36 Million Ounces

October 28, 2022

Back in February of 2021 when there was the squeeze in the silver market that temporarily pushed the price over $30 per ounce, there was over 150 million ounces of silver in the COMEX registered vault.

Ever since then, silver has been leaving the vault at a steady and sharp rate. And now the amount of deliverable metal left in that stockpile is down to under 36 million ounces, as continuous physical market buying is taking silver off the exchange.

Which seemingly flies in the face of the COMEX spot price, which has declined ever since March when it was over $26 per ounce. Yet matches the reports from dealers and wholesalers who continue to have a difficult time sourcing product amidst rising premiums and delays in many of the most popular silver coins and bars.

So in today's show we dig into the latest trends in the silver stockpiles, and also some recent data regarding large inflows of silver into India, as well as the other latest gold and silver news.

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