Creeping Zeros And Economic Armageddon

January 17, 2014

Regular readers are familiar with my characterization and observations concerning the Corporate media propaganda machine. This oligopoly disseminates its “news” as a single, monolithic herd. This, by itself, is conclusive proof that we are dealing with propaganda (and brainwashing), as any legitimate “free press” always exhibits considerable diversity of opinion.

However, one important facet of this brainwashing/conditioning requires no deceptions or distortions of any kind in order to achieve the desired effect: apathy and confusion. As an inevitable consequence of “inflation” (i.e. the relentless/excessive money-printing of the One Bank);  the numbers we use in discussing the parameters of all our economies are increasing, and at an exponential rate.

This phenomenon of arithmetic is known as “creeping zeros”. But what is important for this discussion is not the arithmetic, but the inevitable psychological ramifications of creeping zeros. Specifically, as the numbers increase in size at an exponential rate; our understanding of these numbers decreases – proportionately.

The implication of this is hopefully obvious to most readers: the bigger the crimes of the One Bank, and the faster it piles one mega-crime atop another, the faster we lose the capacity to understand the magnitude of these crimes. When it commits crimes involving numbers which are literally beyond human comprehension, it becomes logically impossible to truly understand these mega-crimes, themselves.

It is necessary to inject some hard numbers here to facilitate understanding. The largest number which we puny humans can fully understand is (roughly) one million. It requires no academic credentials to make such an assertion, because the basis for this conclusion is tautological in nature.

Generally speaking (and as simple, common sense), we can only “understand” what we are capable of perceiving with our senses. You cannot explain “colour” to someone who has been blind all of their lives. You cannot explain “music” to someone who has been deaf all of their lives. They lack the sensory capacity to genuinely understand such concepts.

Similarly; while we can be told what an “atom” is, we cannot truly grasp the nature of these particles – save for the very few who can observe them (somewhat) via the aid of an electron microscope. This lack of comprehension also applies to phenomena in the universe which are too large for our comprehension.

It is accepted universally that the universe itself is beyond our intellectual grasp. When we look into the night sky; our (unaided) vision extends only out into a small portion of a single galaxy. And even boosted to the greatest extent which our technology allows; we still know our vision our encompasses a microscopic portion of infinity.

The question here then becomes: what is the demarcation point of our comprehension; at what point do numbers themselves become too large for us to understand? The answer to that question is “one million.”

For city-dwellers who have access to elevated viewpoints; we can see one million – the populations of our own cities. We can’t actually “see” the one million (puny) inhabitants themselves, but we can see their dwellings, from which it is a very small extrapolation of logic to comprehend the number of inhabitants. Anything beyond one million is too large for us to truly understand, because it is totally beyond our sensory capacity.

We can have a very crude understanding of one billion, as it is the concept of quantum immediately above the largest number we genuinely understand (and the numerical representation of the entire, human population). But once we reach “trillions”; such numbers become totally outside of any/all mathematical comprehension of virtually our entire species.

The natural question which would occur in the minds of many readers is: what makes me competent to engage in an analysis of this nature – as an authority – when I am also a puny human, capable of fully understanding no number larger than a million?

The answer is that (unlike my audience); I know what I do not know, and have been aware of the concept of creeping zeros for decades. Knowing what I do not know; I opt for the next-best logical alternative – I use proxies.

One billion is a thousand times larger than the largest number of which I am capable of understanding (one million). Having above-average aptitude in mathematics; I am confident that I fully understand one thousand and one million, and thus have a reasonable conceptual grasp of one billion.

One trillion is a million times larger than the largest number of which I am capable of understanding. More to the point; it is the largest number of which I am capable of understanding multiplied by the largest number of which I am capable of understanding. It is a concept which only those with the most thorough grasp of arithmetic are capable of understanding (at all).

It is for this reason that I never use a calculator, for anything. It is an intellectual crutch which has sapped the mathematical competence of the entire, industrialized world – and to literally a dangerous extent.

I’m old enough to remember when all sales clerks possessed above-average aptitude in arithmetic – because they were forced (by our mechanical “cash registers”) to perform calculations on virtually every transaction: the “change” which customers received after payment. But go into any store today, and if (for some reason) the clerk is forced to perform even a simple calculation himself/herself; you will most likely see someone looking as helpless as a child.

With few exceptions; we have lost the understanding of arithmetic which used to be as eternal a skill as reading and writing (the “three R’s”). But thanks to the calculator, that aptitude has been destroyed. How can individuals who require a calculator to perform arithmetic functions involving tiny numbers ever understand “1,000,000 X 1,000,000”? The answer is that they can’t.

Naturally; this mathematical/conceptual illiteracy extends to the people running our governments. Indeed, it is one of the primary reasons why the metaphor of “lemmings” appears in my commentaries again and again. In our societies today; we literally have “the Blind leading the Blind.”

The people putting together our national “budgets” each year, and running our finances on a day-to-day basis have utterly no understanding of the numbers with which they are dealing. As our economies are run into the ground by these Lemming Governments; most of our representatives are not actually corrupt – they are simply completely ignorant (and thus totally incompetent).

Dealing with such children; it has literally been “child’s play” for the One Bank as it attached its Yoke of Debt around their throats (our throats) with nary a whimper of protest. Our “leaders” (for the most part) have had absolutely no understanding of what was being done to them (and us), because they don’t understand the numbers.

Similarly; what has left me more aghast than reporting on “LIBOR fraud” (nearly two years ago) is the lack of reaction to the largest mega-crime in history. Possessing a crude grasp of the concept of “trillions” myself; I simply assumed that reporting a crime with a  magnitude of $500 trillion would instantly/utterly horrify all readers – and then spread like wild-fire throughout the general population.

It did not.

I have pointed out -- on several occasions -- that this one crime (by dollar value) was larger than all of the other crimes in human history, combined. I assumed that this, surely, would instantly shock/horrify all readers.

It did not.

Clearly what I have been endeavouring to do here (with few exceptions) is like trying to explain music to the deaf. Why is LIBOR-fraud continuing, even after it has been more-or-less completely exposed? Because now even the crimes of the One Bank have become “too big to fail”.

The same collections of fools and traitors in our governments who refuse to explicitly acknowledge that they have no understanding (at all) of “one trillion” have all implicitly acknowledged that “$500 trillion” is a number which has them all utterly terrified – and thus they refuse to touch this mega-crime. It is likely for similar reasons that the $1+ quadrillion “derivatives market” (and time-bomb) remains virtually unregulated, and nearly completely ignored by these same politicians.

Why do we not allow children to play with matches? Because we realize that children are not capable of understanding the dangerous consequences of what they are doing. We will all soon discover that allowing our politicians to play with trillions (and allowing the One Bank to scam us by the trillions) is a folly of infinitely greater magnitude.

Readers have previously seen charts and analyses showing in absolutely unequivocal terms how/why our economies are heading toward an unprecedented “Armageddon event”, specifically, a hyperinflationary depression. But for perhaps the first time they can now also see and comprehend that the “leaders” dragging us toward this fate are all wearing blindfolds.

Jeff Nielson

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