The End Game is Dead Ahead

October 2, 2023

The bond market continues to collapse as long term interest rates rise relentlessly, day after day. Oil is mysteriously trading together with the dollar index instead of inversely, signaling that the forex market is spinning off into its own compartmentalized reality while prices for real stuff in the real world march higher completely independently of so-called "dollar strength."

Meanwhile, in New York, nearly 5 million ounces of silver are taken off the market from the JPMorgan vault this week. At this rate, JPM has only about 5 months of silver supply left to sell.

And while this is all happening, gold and silver prices continue their abysmal plunge. That said, silver mining stocks have never been this oversold relative to the metal itself. This sort of exceptional price action typically happens just prior to a major financial crisis.

Rafi Farber believes the End Game for the dollar is dead ahead. We are nearly there.

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