End-Time Economic Events Happening Everywhere! Why?

September 2, 2017

Today, I witness what is happening over in Sweden as I travel from North to South in this country called Sverige by my Swedish friends. I have been traveling all over Sweden as I visit my many cousins and friends in this country. The country is now mostly cashless and digital money is used for nearly 96% of all money transactions. The physical Krona is disappearing and mere digital numbers are replacing this Swedish currency. A popular digital concept over in Sweden is this concept called Swish.

Swish is easy to use, has high acceptance and a high level of trust, which is important when we talk about digital payments. Being able to offer deposits via Swish is an important step towards our goal of building the best customer experience in the world for savings and investments” – Peter Dahlgren, CEO of Nordnet.

During the summer of 2017, the regulations for Swish have been amended. It is now possible for individuals to make financial transactions with companies, and thus make payments to companies without the transaction directly matching the purchase of a product or a service.  Now, Nordnet is the first Swedish bank to use Swish in order to offer its customers faster and easier deposits of money in real-time. Read more about how our customers can utilize Swish for their savings and investments in our press release.

This trend towards a cashless society is what will lead eventually to what many prophetic speakers call the ‘Mark of the Beast’ economy (not only in Sweden but also in all of Europe). To buy and/or sell people must have a ‘number’ which connects their digital checking/savings account to their money transactions. Numbers and names (as money) will soon replace historical money (the physical units) and all money transactions will become inner and metaphysical. Metaphysical money is soon going to replace all historical physical money (paper, coins, silver, gold). Swish is merely a tool which is leading the way towards this coming ‘Mark of the Beast’ economy. But who is AWARE?

Awareness of what is emerging is only for a very few persons who can discern the ‘times’. Prophecy and history are not understood by most pundits who teach economics and monetary finance. Only a few are aware of what is emerging and the significance of these evolving events. Money is at the core of all economic behavior. Money rules this planet and all the people. But who rules over money? Today, we have machines called computers, smart phones, and AI (artificial intelligence) which rules over our monetary system. All is now done within cyberspace and via electronic frequencies.

Signals are sent from one computer account to another computer account and all this happens within a metaphysical space called cyberspace. Who is aware of what cyberspace involves? Who understands how our digital ‘numbers/names’ (called money) get created and then circulated so that money transactions can happen. It all seems mysterious to those whom I discuss this matter with over in Sweden. Ask a Swede what is happening and they may say that all is happening to further their prosperity and happiness. It’s all being done to make the economy better, faster, more efficient and more meaningful for everyone.

But is there a downside to all this digital money and this Swish account activity? Who is behind all this metaphysical manipulation and control? Do any of the Swedes discern what is happening within themselves? My sense is that most do not. Metaphysics and Consciousness (two key concepts of our digital age) are not understood by most Swedes (hardly anyone). Who is aware that digital money emerges from consciousness? Who is aware that virtual money (mere ‘numbers/names’) emerges from the human mind (that which is inner and metaphysical)? Who understands the network of Central Banks which allow all this money manipulation and control to occur? Few to done is my perception!

What is happening today is historic and prophetic. Our emerging cashless world is revealing that all finance and economics is based upon spiritual forces and sources (at its core). Forces and sources which transcend human perception (without some input from a higher authority) are at the core of economics and finance. Today, our economy is global and machine driven. A network of computers allows everyone to communicate and transact business within a world of cyberspace (a metaphysical inner space). We witness the Internet of Things as at the core of this technological revolution.

Decisions now occur at the speed of light and our electromagnetic spectrum (mere metaphysical frequencies of photons) create this revolution within finance, economics, and money. Photons are sent from computer screen to computer screen to reveal all the ‘numbers’ and ‘names’ called money. Money is now a symbol $$$ and our authorities now use mere inner ‘names’ as our currencies. These ‘names’ include the dollar, krona, euro, yen, pound, peso, real, dong, and shekel (plus many more). Currency ‘names’ get revealed as our tool for settling issues of economic ‘value’.

All economic activity occurs around this metaphysical concept called ‘value’. Value transactions is what makes our economic world go round. I ‘value’ whatever the authorities tell me has ‘value’. This seems to be the mindset of today’s marketplace. Today, we ‘value’ mere inner ‘numbers’ and ‘names’ as our money and our wealth. Wealth was supposed to represent real material units of production (food, clothing, shelter, and transportation). All wealth started out as material/physical. And measurement of ‘value’ was done with a material/physical unit of money. Silver and gold were the chosen items for most international ‘value’ transactions.

All this has now changed. We now live in an inner world of money and value. Consciousness is what is at the core of money and value today. Physical coins, paper notes, and paper checks are being replaced with virtual/digital units. Virtual money is being created in the trillions ($$$) as it is easy to create these units of consciousness and then type these units into a computer screen to represent our money. All that is required is a metaphysical ‘decision’ by an Authority with the ‘power’ to do so! Money then emerges from consciousness to represent this decision. Think of QE as one example of money emerging from consciousness!

Yes, we are now living in the End-times prophetically and observationally. The End of an Age has arrived. Playing out this end-time set of events is what I now witness everywhere. Later this week I will attend the Biohax International conference on computer security and other micro-chip developments here in Gothenburg, Sweden. Computer security and tools for monitoring and controlling all these digital events is the issue at this conference. Micro chipping human employees is part of the process which eventually leads to this ‘Mark of the Beast’ economy. This is now being done in Sweden and also the USA.

The ‘Mark of the Beast’ economy is rapidly approaching and few seem AWARE of what is happening economically and prophetically. It’s all part of our inner consciousness and few even comprehend their own inner consciousness. Most view their physical brain as their mind and consciousness. This deception is prevalent everywhere. My brain is not the same as my MIND. The two are different and consciousness is at the core of this deception within neuroscience and philosophy. What is consciousness? How does my brain get activated so that my consciousness can function and operate? Who comprehends metaphysical reality? Few to done!

The sleeping public can not discern the times which I now witness everywhere. Sleeping and unawareness is everywhere today. A few are awake and discerning the times but the many are merely sleeping and drugged with metaphysical deceptions. Who will wake-up to these end-time events now prevalent everywhere? The process is slow as most prefer to live in darkness and unawareness. My goal is to help bring AWARENESS to issues of reality. It’s time to WAKE-UP! Think and learn on your own is my suggestion! I am: http:/kingdomecon.wordpress.com.

Some additional images to consider when thinking about end-time events:

Sweden’s major banks have joined forces to launch an app allowing users to transfer money in real time using mobile technology, simplifying restaurant bill-paying and moving Sweden one step closer to being a cashless society.

Banking In Sweden…Internet Banking, Wire Transfers And Swish!

The Swedish payment market in transformation, Björn Segendorf and Anna-Lena Wretman*

Björn Segendorf works in the Financial Stability Department and Anna-Lena Wretman works in the Cash and Payment Systems

Major structural changes are now taking place in the Swedish payment market. Increasing numbers of payments are being made electronically, sometimes with the use of new technology. At the same time, cash usage is declining and it is also becoming more difficult to deposit or obtain cash. The widespread availability of the Internet, tablets and smart phones is changing households’ purchasing patterns and payment requirements. The banks, which long dominated the payment market, are now facing competition from new players. Even if the overall development is positive, some households, associations and companies perceive it as negative. Who, however, perceives this as leading to the ‘Mark of the Beast’?


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