Financial Babylon Will FALL Suddenly!

February 20, 2018

We now live with a global interconnected electronic financial system. This system is mostly centralized via the BIS (Bank for International Settlements over in Basel, Switzerland) and it is now a network system which can be crashed with the click of a computer key. Think of what our so-called wise financial elites have created. They have created a centralized electronic computer network where our money is created via their thinking (out-of-nothing) and their policy decisions are now mostly centralized. Is this a sound system? I say, NO!

I would suggest that we now live with a fantasy/cyber/fake system which can be crashed with the click of a computer key. Is this a sound system for trade, price discovery, and exchanges of value? I don’t think so! This electronic computer system is built on ‘sand’ and ‘clay’ and it will come crashing down suddenly. The entire edifice is fragile and unsound. Select elites control the system and these elites must continually manipulate the system to keep it from crashing. This is done behind closed doors. Think!

We now live with an ‘interconnected’ electronic network which will crumple as traders and countries discover the unfairness of this system. Creating money units from one’s consciousness (the human mind and out-of-nothing) is not a viable long-term financial system. This is totally corrupt and it is destined to crash and collapse totally at some point. My sense is that the initial crash will be global and sudden. It could happen today, tomorrow, or the next day. The precise moment is impossible to predict, but the nature of the system is not difficult to comprehend.

A global interconnected computer driven financial system built on ‘units of consciousness’ as our money is built on pure imagination, fantasy, and metaphysical subjectivity. It is unsound, unwise, and it has no long-term viability for international trade, price discovery, or fairness. It is built upon sinking ‘sand’ which is already starting to fragment as I write this missive. At some point the entire edifice will be revealed as fake and imaginary. There is NO integrity that can survive over time. Trust is missing!

Trust in this fantasy system of interconnected digits in cyberspace will not last much longer. I sense a SUDDEN crash/collapse in the very near future. What is built on fakery and crumbling emotion can not last much longer. We now live with a subjective monetary system which is being sustained ONLY by Central Bank manipulations and behind closed door gimmickry. Central Bank trading and manipulations have allowed this imaginary system to survive so far. This is all coming to an END soon. Our ultimate Authority has spoken. Who is this Ultimate Authority?

Read Revelation 17 and 18. America IMO is Mystery Babylon and our Ultimate Authority says this system will be crashed in ONE HOUR. Is this a sudden event? I think so! Suddenly, this electronic money system of America and the globe will be crashed in a mere moment of time. It will happen suddenly and without any warning to the masses of deceived traders. Deception is now so great that even the daily traders can not discern what is happening. We live with mass deception and FALSE FLAG events which deceive nearly everyone! Our media is now a joke when it comes to trust and integrity!

Prepare for a SUDDEN financial event where our interconnected electronic/cyber money markets CRASH in a moment of time. What is a FLASH CRASH? It is a crash of our electronic money system in a moment of time. All this is now possible and probable given the ‘nature’ of today’s fantasy/fake monetary system. This will happen suddenly and it may happen SOON. Our corrupt Central Bankers and their traders are losing control daily as people WAKE-UP to the nature of this fake electronic money system. As of today, few comprehend the intricacies of the system but this is changing rapidly.

Mystery Babylon is the American controlled financial system and our Ultimate Authority says this false system is COMING DOWN. It is coming down because it is built on fantasy/fakery and corruption. Prepare for a total collapse of this electronic/false/fake system in 2018. I sense that the day of Judgment is near. That which is built upon fakery, trickery, and gimmickry cannot last. REALITY does prevail eventually. The DAY of financial judgment is near. Think for yourself! Check out this website as one option: There are many others! 

Think for yourself. I am:

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