Janet Yellen Meets With Obama In Emergency Meetings As Crises Erupt Worldwide

April 13, 2016

The Credit Suisse Fear Barometer just hit an all-time high as reports circulated through the alternative media that Barack Obama discussed the imposition of martial law when he and Vice President Joe Biden met with Yellen on Monday in an “emergency meeting.”

The reports may be exaggerated but not the crisis-like feel of the meetings. This was reportedly a first: having the president and VP meeting directly with the Fed head. Does it have something to do with the “survival of the government” at a time when the US banking system may be facing a general default? According to some reports: “Members of the House and Senate are said to have been ‘up all night’ in discussions and meetings; with floods of phone calls back and forth. ”

Pick of Problems

What could be the problem?  Take your pick of dozens, literally!

There’s South America’s largest country, Brazil.  It has the seventh largest economy in the world but these days it is mired in what’s been called a “depression.” Employment has cratered and price inflation keeps rising, bringing people out onto the streets in huge protests. Meanwhile, the huge corruption scandal having to do with Petrobas has sent many pols to jail and may soon claim the president who is facing impeachment.

In Venezuela, where I just visited (and barely survived), to see hyperinflation in person the country is on the brink, pushed to the edge by the oil price collapse. People carry around backpacks full of Bolivars to get through the day. The murder rate in Caracas is so bad that people don’t go out at night. The morgues are full.  The streets are empty.

Austria just made a historical first with its first bank “bail-in” amidst hurried meetings in Europe.  The failed Hypo Alpe Adria  bank – the Heta Asset Resolution AG – was forced by creditors into an involuntary “bail-in” after an $8.5 billion capital hole in its balance sheet became apparent. Austria is the first to use a new law now part of the European Bank Recovery and Resolution Directive to share losses of a failed bank with senior creditors as a way to slash bank debt.  It won’t work though.  This will see investors piling out of bank stocks which, in itself, can cause the bank to fail.  And once that happens, then the Cyprus-style depositor bail-ins begin.

Italy is having its own banking crisis – actually one that has been dragging on for years and is reaching its ultimate conclusion. On Monday, Italy’s finance minister Pier Carlo Padoan presided over a meeting in Rome with bank officials from Italy’s largest financial institutions to finalize a “last resort” bailout plan. Yet immediately afterward came reports it might not be enough to stop the slide of one of Italy’s large banks, Monte dei Paschi di Siena, into the kind of insolvency faced by Italy’s smaller banks.  There are reports Italy has been hit by bank runs, and this latest news won’t do anything to calm jitters.

Italy has bank woes but meanwhile, various banks have equity woes. Rumors are swirling around the solvency of Deutsche Bank in Germany, which has seen its stock crash near lows that were last seen all the way back in March 2009. Credit Suisse and RBS have crashed as well.

And, in Germany, I have high level information that I can’t even release publicly (but I will tell TDV subscribers in our next issue coming out this week).  The reason I can’t (or won’t) release this information publicly is that it could cause mass pandemonium in Germany, and throughout the EU, if this information were known.  Yes, it’s that bad.

Meanwhile, in China, as part of a secret G20 deal in February, Mario Draghi of the European Central Bank along with Janet Yellen and other central bankers slowed easing so that the yuan to devalue faster than would otherwise have been the case. Perhaps this has “helped” China’s industrial exports, but not enough. A noted Chinese economist has just estimated that China would have to debase the yuan by nearly 15 percent, immediately, to bring some semblance of order back to the economy.

Building a domestic market is not working or not working fast enough for China. China has been trying to prop up the yuan and has burned through more than half a trillion in foreign exchange (dollars) in order to do so. This can’t go on. If they dump another trillion or two on the world’s markets, we’ll have the kind of collapse that will mark the end of the economic system nearly overnight, instead of more gradually.

As it is, the world is in an increasingly untenable state and the US, supposedly the world’s strongest economy, may be leading the way. The US Government (Un) Accountability Office just announced that debt was hitting levels not seen since the end of World War II: “We’re going to owe more than our entire economy is producing and by definition this is not sustainable,” the auditor pointed out in a Congressional hearing.

The idea of course is that such warnings should result in immediate action to rectify problems. But that’s not going to happen. These problems are not going to end. It’s just a question of how long it is going to take before they take down the world`s economic system in a way that cannot be fixed.

It’s not by happenstance, either. That’s something people have a great deal of difficulty comprehending. But these are disasters that the banksters have been planning in detail for the past 50 years.

Even US investors are starting to get the picture. The Dow was up 150 on Monday before going negative by the close. What was up by the end of the day? Gold and silver. People aren’t total fools. As fiat paper fails, they start to buy metals again.

Every Bad Thing

Every bad thing imagineable is in motion now and getting worse. As planned – and please understand it IS planned – the world’s economy is becoming unglued… and fast. The spectacle has begun in earnest as they rush around the world frenetically shouting about what must be done.

But nothing can be done. Nothing is supposed to be done. Oh, some of them may actually believe it, but the people at the top, the ones who put the current global central banking economy into play know better. And those are the same people who used Shemitah and now the Jubilee Year as a timeline for the implosion of the economic world in 2016. The one I’ve analyzed and often write about. If you want to know more about that, you can go HERE and look at my most recent video on Jubilee 2016, in which I CLEARLY state that 2016 is the year that the globalists have chosen to pull the plug. And while you’re at it, read our White Paper, which tells you clearly what you need to do now. See it HERE.

You think it is any coincidence what is going on? It’s not. The markets cracked early in 2016 right around the time that Citicorp declared the US economy was in a death spiral. Just recently, came reports that the IMF was planning a disastrous “credit event” in Greece.  Not preparing for one, mind you.  PLANNING it.  And after that, 11.5 million emails from a Panama tax haven were poured onto the world’s media just as the US announced that it will not allow corporate inversions anymore and numerous governments, especially the ones despised by George Soros et al, were overthrown.

Get the picture? SOMEBODY wants chaos. And it’s kind of obvious who that somebody is. They’re the people running the show. They’ve been terribly exposed now by the internet and the alternative media and the only way they have to hold on to power is make everything worse, much worse. Look for wars, economic chaos, epidemics (if they can manage it) and none of this is 10 or 20 years from today. It’s happening NOW.

It just emerged that American planes had been caught dumping supplies and armaments in areas where ISIS could retrieve them… again. You know, there hasn’t been a real “war” for decades, maybe for centuries. All of these wars are fake (not that they don’t happen, but the REASONS they happen are completely made up). The banksters fund one side and then they fund the other. Thank God for the alternative media where you can still find a little truth.

They have engineered the wars, the chaos, the booms and busts and debasement with their dysfunctional price-fixing and endless money printing. The exportation of the damnable British system of central banking has now destabilized Europe, Brazil and China to such a point where the world’s entire prosperity, what’s left of it, is draining away.

Upcoming this week, the vultures will circle around Washington DC. The IMF and the World Bank are coming to town and reportedly some G20 officials as well. Again, the news reports will feature what “they” plan to do to avert further crises. In fact they are meeting to figure out how to ADVANCE the crises. This is their system, their timeline, their doing.

The dollar is going down. The West is going down and China too, not to mention Japan. And the EU. The cycle has turned sharply toward the disaster we’ve been predicting since we began The Dollar Vigilante in 2010. We were sure the dollar was destined for destruction then just based on the numbers alone. The only thing that has changed in the last six years since we began is that we now know it was not just destined for destruction but it was planned. The trends are firmly in place and the ones who put them there are still in charge.

As I mentioned above, our Jubilee video and white paper are available for anyone who wants to understand the timeline they are manufacturing and why 2016 is the year they have chosen to aggressively advance their global destruction. They are putting everything in place now. We can see it and the video explains it, just as my Shemitah video did in 2015.

Resources for You

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Things are happening fast now and you won’t find out what is happening until it is too late on your mainstream television programming or from the great majority of financial advisors who work for (and take direction from) the very system that is orchestrating this collapse.

Janet Yellen, Barack Obama, and most other central bankers and finance ministers from around the world are behind closed doors preparing for something.  Do you think it is for the good of the people?  If so, it’ll be a first.


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