Oil, Military, and Geopolitics: The Latest News Shaking Up Global Affairs

February 20, 2023

Pyotr Kurzin joins the show, and we discuss some of the latest news and events in geopolitics. Russia's decision to cut oil production has significant implications for global oil markets. As the US looks for new oil suppliers, Venezuela may be a good fit, but what are the risks of doing business with this country? Meanwhile, Japan is doubling its military spending, and we examine why this is important. China and Taiwan's conflict continues to simmer, with China lifting its covid restrictions. However, Pyotr believes that China's recent actions are all talk and that war is unlikely. Additionally, Saudi Arabia's move away from the US dollar has significant economic implications, and we explore what this could mean for the global economy. Finally, we touch on the ongoing conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan and the geopolitical tensions in the region.


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