One Final Mania Remains! Can You Discern What?

January 28, 2018

Yes, there is one final mania yet to emerge which is on the horizon. As I write the mania in progress is this CRYPTO Currency Mania. Mere images in the computer screen (like Bitcoin) are being presented to investors as viable future currencies. This false mania among mostly millennials will run until some billionaire investor(s) dumps huge quantities of these fake images (called currencies) and then gets into our FINAL mania for this end of age period. Yes, the 4th Industrial Revolution is upon us!

Our final mania IMO will be our historical precious metals (silver and gold) mania. Why? The foundation of all historical money is gold/silver and at some point (not to far in the distant future) this mania will commence and gather momentum globally. Money is a psychological elixir which has been around for some 6,000 years. This elixir is a powerful psychological intoxicant which nearly everyone feels. The chosen foundation for all money under Capitalism were these precious metals called silver and gold.

An elixir is like a drug which people view as necessary for survival and growth. Economic survival and economic growth is foundational to all commerce and we can witness all the greed, fear, and intrigue which surrounds this ‘invented’ item which we all call MONEY. People kill for money. People steal for money. People will sell their body for money. And our Deep State rulers and our politicians will do anything necessary so that their CONTROL over money is maintained. Why this mindset?

What we need to understand is that MONEY rules over this planet called Earth and essentially over every person on this planet. Currently, there are some 7.5 billion human beings standing and/or residing on this planet called Earth. What type of system do we have which maintains this situation? I call it the MONEY system. Others call it Capitalism. Money rules, however, and those who control this imaginary item ($$$$$$$) of our consciousness, will do nearly anything to maintain this CONTROL

Survival is what economics is all about. We all need food, clothing, shelter, transportation, healthcare, and perceived psychological benefits which MONEY can provide. Those who control our MONEY system also control our survival and our essential destiny. Power is what select rulers DESIRE more than anything else. History reveals this mindset. Money and Power go hand in hand. I think we all know this spontaneously. Give me control over ‘money’ and I care less who is elected President!

As I write, people are clamoring for fantasies which do not technically exist within our material world. Crypto currencies and our digital fiat currencies are mere images within cyberspace. They technically do not even EXIST. But people follow the crowd in this world of money craziness. As I write, we have masses of people (mostly millennials) who THINK that cryptos are a future money. They have created a MANIA in these cryptos. This deception has led to the current clammer for these units of our consciousness!

At some point (down the road) IMO these fantasy images living in cyberspace (called Bitcoin, etc.) will fail and crash totally. This is starting now as I write but the mania atmosphere may last for a few more months or more. Gradually, however, people will realize the deception within all these cryptos (as a future money) and they will then SEEK an alternative. Reality does prevail eventually. The ultimate alternative IMO is our core foundation for money (gold and silver).

Yes, there is ONE more mania to follow the current crypto mania. This mania will be in the arena of gold and silver coins, bars, and physical items for barter. Barter is the foundation of Capitalism and at some point intelligent pundits and the general public will recognize that these historical items are the foundation of all money systems. Capitalism is essentially OVER (few seem to realize) now that our Central Banks rule over finance and money. But these centralized administrators are becoming totally corrupted by their deceptive policies and their financial gimmickry.

As people in general get some education on the history of money and the nature of this bankster system of corruption (via digital money), they will SEEK an alternative to this bankster system and its corruption, rigging, control, and manipulation. The BEST alternative is to get OUT of virtual/digital money units and INTO silver/gold coins/bars. This desire for reality by the global public will eventually create a MANIA in these metals. I see it coming? Do you?


US silver mining began on a large scale with the discovery of the Comstock Lode in Nevada in 1858.

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