A Preemptive Rebuttal Against Silver Confiscation

August 6, 2013
As all regular readers know, we live in lawless societies – at least “lawless” for any/all individuals or entities encompassed by the crime syndicate known as the One Bank. When the One Bank wishes to perpetrate a particular crime, it now acts with impunity, and then either before or after-the-fact the Corporate Media (subsidiary of the One Bank) simply invents some pretext or excuse for the crime, and drowns out all attempts to promote the Truth.
This modus operandi is now such a deeply ingrained pattern of behavior that it becomes possible to predict how the One Bank will perpetrate a particular crime – even if we can’t be certain of when (or even if) the crime will take place. So it is with silver confiscation.
Should the One Bank choose to engage in silver confiscation (again), this is a strategy which today is problematic, at best. Thus simple cost/benefit analysis may ultimately weigh against such an act. But if it should once again seek to “confiscate” (i.e. steal) the silver of ordinary people (in order to bail itself out of crimes previously committed in this sector), we can say with certainty the precise tactics which will be employed.
Rather than attempt to rebut silver confiscation at the time of “the crime” – and be drownedout with denials by literally a ratio of a thousand-to-one – the time to rebut such an act is 
before it takes place, when there is no tidal-wave of propaganda submerging this message.
In the case of silver confiscation, where there are no legitimate arguments which can be advanced; there are even only two false-arguments which it is possible for the propaganda 
machine to construct:
• Silver confiscation will “save jobs.”
• Silver investors will be (savagely) demonized as “hoarders” and “speculators”, and thus deserving of having their silver stolen from them.
As anyone who understands the silver market (and has some familiarity with economics) knows, the industrial demand for silver is highly “inelastic.” In other words, no matter how high the price soars; those industrial users will continue using silver – and continue selling their silver-based products.
Why is this so? Because in most of these industrial applications, (precious) silver is only used in small quantities. Thus even if the price of silver soared to many multiples of its current price, it would have only a (relatively) small impact on the end price of consumer goods – meaning that a rising price of silver would never/could never “threaten jobs.”
Indeed, the jobs (directly and indirectly) produced by increased silver mining – caused by a higher price of silver – would always exceed the total number of jobs lost due to those higher prices. A higher price of silver is a job creator.
Those who can still recall when we had a healthy mining industry in North America also recall the plethora of “mining towns” strewn across the continent; entire communities supported 
by this single industry. Relative to most of the “industry” (i.e. crime) of the paper-pushers themselves; mining is labour-intensive. High metals prices are good for the economy.
Conversely, confiscation itself is a guaranteed job-killer. The dynamics are as obvious as they are relentless. Confiscation (and the price-suppression behind it) would/will destroy the supply of silver. The relentless price-manipulation of the One Bank in the silver market caused a 90% decline in silver inventories between 1990 – 2005 alone, coinciding with when these Criminals drove the price of silver to a 600-year low (in real dollars) with their shorting.
Confiscation would be for the sole purpose of keeping the price of silver artificially low, continuing to destroy supply. Taking this crime strategy to its logical extreme, we would have continued price-suppression, followed with ever more-frequent “confiscations” where ever-less silver was harvested. Eventually the world would literally “run out of silver” and all the silverbased jobs would be lost.
If readers perceive the first pseudo-argument of the One Bank “justifying” silver confiscation to be perverse, the second is even more so: the demonization of silver investors. 
First we are called “speculators.” This itself is absolutely opposite to reality. We currently have all our governments openly/explicitly engaging in “competitive devaluation”: a competition to see which government can drive their currency toward zero the fastest.
These (paper) currencies are the vessels in which our wealth is stored. Destroying the currencies literally “destroys” our wealth – although “stealing” is actually the more appropriate verb. Seeing our wealth being intentionally destroyed/stolen; we move that wealth out of (‘leaky’) paper currencies into (indestructible) gold/silver “money”. 
This is literally the anti-thesis of speculation: moving our wealth out of an asset class which we know is going to zero, and into an asset class which can never go to zero. This is not 
“speculation”, it is the proverbial “sure thing” – and nothing more than people protecting themselves from the destructive monetary policies of our own corrupt governments.
Nonetheless, I can assure readers that throughout the last rally that silver investors were relentlessly labeled “speculators” by the mainstream media as prices were rising, and the same will occur with the Next Rally. The other propaganda machine label – “hoarders” – is equally despicable/inaccurate.
What was just described to readers previously? The 90% destruction of global silver inventories caused by the rapacious shorting (and price-manipulation) of the One Bank.  But what happens when an investor purchases an ounce of (real) silver? It’s one less ounce which can (literally) be destroyed by the shorting of these bankers.
Silver investors are “conservationists” in the truest sense of the word. But this isn’t simply true of the silver market, rather it’s true of all markets. As clearly explained in a previous commentary; shorting is an activity which (by its very nature) guarantees scarcity of whatever good is targeted by this form of market-manipulation (crime).
Conversely, investing is an activity which guarantees abundance. Indeed, the real ending for any/every commodity “bull market” comes when the higher prices caused by investing stimulate greater production, leading to too much supply. Shorting destroys; investing conserves.
We’ve already seen the propaganda machine use the word “speculator” as a label to demonize silver investors. Think we won’t also be demonized with a second label, “hoarders”, as preparations commence for this confiscation/theft?
Think again. Here we are all indebted to the tireless efforts of silver researcher Charles Savoie, creator of the chronology The Silver Stealers. It was Savoie’s diligence which unearthed the news-clipping which readers can view for themselves, this Letter from the Secretary of the (U.S.) Treasury:
“Hoarders of Silver”
As the U.S. government initiated confiscation with The Silver Purchase Act of 1934 (linked to above), it publicly published a list of (supposedly notorious) “silver hoarders”, in many cases just ordinary people like ourselves trying to protect themselves from the financial crimes of the One Bank in their era.
“Everyone” knows about the U.S. gold confiscation of 1933. Almost no one knows of the silver confiscation one year later. Why do readers suppose that the One Bank found it necessary to have silver-confiscation erased from our (woefully incomplete) “history books”, while goldconfiscation remains a known fact? Because it plans on doing it again.
Do we (or will we) ever see a list of “silver shorters” published by our governments; the rapacious criminals who caused all the scarcity in the silver market to begin with? Of course not. Those are the minions of the One Bank, and they are just as immune to exposure as they are to prosecution.
But perhaps a better question is why don’t we/won’t we ever see our governments publish a similar list of the Hoarders of Money. Want to “create jobs”? Want to “liberate” unjustified hoards?
The Oligarchs of the 21st century are hoarding larger mountains of wealth than any Misers in history, while more than 60 million people are permanently unemployed across the Western world, more than 50 million Americans are dependent on food stamps for their month-tomonth survival – and where all our (corrupt) governments themselves teeter on the verge of bankruptcy.
It’s my belief/suspicion/fear that another “silver confiscation” is just around the corner, perhaps not only in the U.S. but across the Corrupt West. Readers (now) know in advance that 
such a crime could never be justified.
If we do ever see any more “confiscations” (or “bail-ins”) being perpetrated by our governments, at the very top of the list should be confiscating the money of the One Bank.
Jeff Nielson
US silver mining began on a large scale with the discovery of the Comstock Lode in Nevada in 1858.

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