Silver Bullion To $50/oz And When To Sell Gold Or Silver

February 19, 2020

◆ Silver bullion is set to outperform gold, other precious metals and the vastly over valued risk assets of stocks and bonds in the coming years

◆ The record nominal high of $50 in 1980 and in 2012 will almost certainly be seen in the next two years

◆ Silver rose 15.5% in 2019 to close just below $18/oz in 2019; a 50% gain in 2020 would take us to $27/oz and an 80% gain the following year would take us to $48.60/oz

◆ Same way you dollar, pound, euro etc cost average to acquire your silver bullion holdings; you should dollar cost average your reduction in allocations in the coming years

◆ It may be prudent to sell some of your holdings at around $48/oz, some at around $90/oz, at around $135/oz etc.

◆ This only applies to those many silver bullion buyers who are overweight and have a large allocation to silver – say over 10% or 20%

◆ Investors with small allocations of closer to 5% should only sell a small amount if the price goes parabolic or if they need the cash in a crisis for day to day expenses or needs

◆All investors should have a core financial insurance allocation to gold and silver coins and bars; Avoid digital gold, platform gold, gold tokens and crypto gold

◆ Popular and liquid bullion formats should be taken possession of and also stored in liquid, secure storage in their own country and at least one other safe jurisdiction

◆ Zurich remains the most liquid and safest places in the world to own gold and silver coins and bars


1 cubic foot of silver weighs approx 655 pounds whereas 1 cubic foot of gold weighs more than half a ton.

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