Silver Continues To Leave COMEX And London Stockpiles

September 15, 2022

As the silver price remains on the low end of its 2022 range, the latest data shows that physical metal continues to leave the COMEX and London stockpiles.

There are signs that physical silver demand has continued to remain strong as the price is down, which would seem counterintuitive to what we see happening in the COMEX price. Yet offers a different picture of what's actually going on in the physical level.

So in today's video I go through the latest data to shed some light on the recent developments, and also take a look at the updated rate hike probabilities in front of next Wednesday's Federal Reserve decision.

So to find out more, click to watch the video now!

Arcadia Economics


The symbol for silver ‘AG’ comes from the Latin word ‘agentum’ meaning silver.

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