Silver Guru David Morgan On Trump, The Police State and Precious Metals in 2017

February 7, 2017

We recently had the pleasure of interviewing David Morgan of the Morgan Report regarding several topics including Donald Trump, the police state, and the future of the precious metals market.

David mentioned that he thinks this year in the precious metals is likely to be a repeat of last year’s price movement. His viewpoint is consistent with ours and if we are correct, it means the metals are going to perform very well again.

He also emphasized the importance in his mind of using no more than 25% of one’s investable funds in their trading portfolio and especially not on one particular trade.

Among these aforementioned topics David and I spoke about his excitement for the upcoming TDV Internationalization and Investment Summit and Anarchapulco conference.  He’ll be speaking at the TDV Summit and will be an interested attendee at Anarchapulco.

To hear an overview of an investment opportunity David strongly believes in, please watch the interview we conducted.

The last day you will be able to invest in this opportunity is February 27th, but if you’re coming to the TDV Summit on February 24th you will have a chance to speak about it directly with David prior to the deadline.

You can buy a ticket HERE and we look forward to seeing you in sunny Mexico!


Spanish Conquistadores invaded the Inca Empire in 1528 to steal their silver and gold.

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