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July 2, 2020

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The founders of Midas Touch Consulting meet regular to measure the highest probabilities of the future market. We focus at the big picture. Usually, the latest and greatest, meaning recent events  shape and reshape this outlook. Not this time. Quite the contrary. We might all agree that there is a high likelihood of a devaluation of fiat currencies at some point. This based on it being  likely that the constant new printing of currency deludes its value. The divergence between actual economic value and worthless paper money will result into a currency reform. We advise our clients to be outside the fiat currency circle and as a core, hold precious metals and Bitcoin. It is certainly not obvious when this will occur. News will be diametrically opposite to announcing such an event but rather distract as best as possible for the individual to be prepared.

This means, while typically a strong focus to news about Silver the latest and the greatest can be helpful for timing, it will not in this case.

It is imperative to keep the big picture for oneself in the foreground.

Silver, Daily Chart: Low Risk Reload Entry Points

Silver in US-Dollar, daily chart as of July 2nd, 2020.

The daily time frame shows how clean the trend on Silver has been trading. This allows for very low risk reentry points (green up arrows) to build up a larger position. We let our runners ride and transfer them to larger time frames if applicable (see our Quad Exit Strategy).

We prefer this low risk strategy and the chart illustrates nicely how a breakout strategy from the yellow marked pennants would pose much more risk.

With the larger picture in mind one can undeterred from distracting news items observe smaller time frame charts and use technical analysis to produce desired results supporting ones larger picture goals.

Weekly Chart, Silver The Latest And The Greatest

Silver in US-Dollar, weekly chart as of July 2nd, 2020.

If you take a look at the solid red resistance line you can see in what beauty of precision Silver is trading. This allowed for precision partial profit taking after the recent breakout attempt from the yellow marked pennant.

A multiple time frame approach with these reload purchases will also allow to see an accurate stand of events in the Silver market since charts never lie. Therefore it provides a much more accurate reflection of where the future is heading. “Thinking exits” at some point will be crucial, too. There were times in the past when countries faced critical situations like the one we forecast, where a small bag of Silver coins bought you a single family home.

Silver, Monthly Chart: Bigger Picture – Thinking Exits

Silver in US-Dollar, monthly chart as of July 2nd, 2020.

The monthly chart above is a projection of possible partial profit taking targets. The “Runners” (see our Quad Exit Strategy) we recommend to accumulate, meaning we would not cash in physical holdings even in part before silver prices of US$93 or above!

The momentary picture of Silver is bullish and we continue to reload our long term positions. This counts especially for our physical holdings. 

It is this approach of consistently expanding on our long term holdings through low risk small size additions, that will lead to the protection necessary once the day arrives where a 100k deposits might suddenly be devaluated to 10k. Do not try to time a single conversion operation, assuming it will be obvious to do shortly before these drastic events manifest. Governments around the world will smartly try to cover up their tracks and won’t reveal such actions in advance. Even if they would, physical precious metal availability at that point will be depleted to zero.

Silver the latest and greatest

What we mean to drive home is that one shouldn’t belief everything one reads in the media. That isn’t a big new insight, but when in doubt it is not unusual that one tends to be more naively hoping for truth from media. In this specific case, manipulation from media sources might dramatically increase. Building a battle plan can be quite helpful to not be distracted when data overload comes around the corner again. Building up physical silver accumulations over time does not only help to reduce ones exposure of ones fiat currency holdings, but is also one of the most lucrative investment hedge strategies available to the future world economic scenario.


The Fourth Coinage Act of 1873 embraced the gold standard and demonetized silver, known as the “Crime of 73”

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