Silver Is Leading To The Downside

December 12, 2015

Markets were holding up for most of the week until Friday, when they finally cratered to the downside. While markets were holding up all week, I noted over and over again that stocks were not acting so great and were setting us up for a move lower, which came Friday.

Members and I are nicely in short positions and now looking for support areas to lock in our gains, which will likely come after the Fed news in the coming week.

As for metals, they tried to move higher but failed and then spent the week in the ranges I’ve shown here for the past two weekends…and now silver is taking the lead on the downside.

Gold lost 1.11% this past week after trying to breakout higher, but failed. So, gold is back in the range between $1,080 and $1,060 after another failed breakout. We’ve seen so many failed breakouts over the past few years -- and every single one prompts new articles of how gold has put in a bottom and is ready to rocket higher. Alas, it’s not yet to be.

I say it nearly every week and that is that gold needs to find its major support level at the $1,000 area before it can realistically be possible to have a major low in place. The $1,000 level isn’t far away now and can be reached within a day or two of weak trading. Indubitably, it has been a slow bleed lower that still hasn’t put the fear in the perma-bulls. The saying goes that we need to see blood in the streets for a low to be in -- and I haven’t seen a trickle yet.

The dominant trend remains down and the next likely move out of this flat base is down.

Silver lost a hefty 4.50% this past week after a failed breakout of the $14.40 to $14 range. This nice break is on increasing volume and still suggests the $10 area.

Silver is leading gold now…so look for gold to follow anytime now.

Platinum fell 4.43% this past week…but for now does remain in the range between $825 and $875.

Silver is leading…and if gold breaks lower, platinum will follow. Below, $760 is a major support level.

Palladium fell 3.85% this past week -- and is also on the cusp of further weakness if gold joins silver to the downside.

$500 is an important support level for palladium. And then under that we have to look to $400. Therefore, we could be in for a good sized discount in the weeks ahead.


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