Silver Market Predictions - Ed Steer Talks about the Silver & Gold Price

September 29, 2021

This week's guest on GoldCore TV Ed Steer, Author of Ed Steer's Gold and Silver Digest.

Ed discusses the Big Four Commercial Traders involved in trading precious metals futures on the COMEX  and the control and influence they have on the gold price and #silverprice. But who are these Big Four Traders? Find out more in this episode:

Highlights from this interview:

How do the Big Four Commercial Traders have such a massive and asymmetrical influence on the silver market?

What exactly is their underlying motivation for influencing the price of precious metals?

Is the truth about fiat currencies being kept hidden?

Is there collusion between our government and the central banks to control the price of gold and silver?

Can the banks exit their shorts positions without generating a #shortsqueeze?

Precious metals are the canary in the coal mine that highlight currency debasement. How much longer can suppression of the gold and silver price continue?

Since Reddit’s Wall Street Silver forum first appeared, what impact have they had? Did they have an influence on the physical silver market?

Will there be a supply crunch in the physical silver market even after manipulating the silver futures market?

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00:00- Intro

01:21- The Big Four Traders

02:45- The COMEX Futures Market Chart

05:16- The Four Largest Traders

07:31- Silver Market Manipulation

08:55- Collusion between Central Banks and Government

09:54- Impact of Reddit Wall Street Silver Forums on Physical Silver

14:00- Precious metals and Stocks Correlation

17:20- Growth in Physical Silver Demand

21: 53- Commodity Prices Rising

23:10- Parting Thoughts...

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