Silver + Piñon Resin + Clay Fired Filtration. Navajo Nation Water Purification Project

February 6, 2024

The quick Video above shows how Silver works naturally with Pine Resin and Clay for the Perfect Pure Water Treatment Solution.

Why is clean water so integral to our existence? It's the elixir that sustains life, the universal solvent, the one substance we cannot do without. Yet, clean, running water remains out of reach for too many. H 2 O, our planetary building blocks, like proteins and DNA, our bite, breath and bloodstream are fueled by water, vital to every cell. Water makes up 70% of a cell and is necessary for all Life forms.

Imagine it as the air we breathe for cells – they cannot function without it. Water orchestrates the intricate symphony of life. Tragically, Adjacent to the Navajo nation are Anglo neighbors just twenty minutes away, where water is wasted flooding the privileged elites. Their palatial estates, country clubs, corporate lawns, swimming pools, resorts, and golf courses. We travel with the Silver Academy to the remote reservation.

The traditional Navajo Hogan is a dome-shaped dwelling constructed by wood and adobe then covered with mud for insulation. The average size is only 23 feet in diameter. A significant number of Navajo families lack access to running water. Over 16,000 homes in the Navajo Nation do not have indoor plumbing. It's inexcusable that the US Department of Interior lacks conviction or action plans to ameliorate these living conditions. It's Preposterous the Navajo Nation still does not have access to this basic amenity.

The Silver Academy is on assignment to help solve the water crisis. The Silver Academy is organizing community impact meetings starting January 29 into the Fall of 2024 to work alongside our ancestral friends on Native lands. The mission is to provide silver, clay-fired pottery water filters. where clean, drinkable or running water is scarce at best but for many non-existent. This is where our story begins.

Welcome to the land of enchantment, the Southwest's Four Corners Region, home to the Navajo Nation. Here, we've initiated a groundbreaking project, a harmonious blend of tradition and technology. The Silver Academy, driven by research from UT Austin seeks community partners like Navajo Technical University, University of New Mexico, San Juan College, Northern Edge Navajo Casino and a Network of Silver Miners collaborating on water filtration.

The resourceful treatment protocol involves lining clay pots with Piñon tree resin, a sacred substance harvested on Navajo land. But the magic doesn't stop there. We're integrating a mineral from the periodic table of elements into this ancient practice - silver particles. While the clay and resin are local to the Navajo Nation, the one missing element, Silver, is where the Silver Academy Steps Forward and Gets to Work.

Silver, when applied to clay, transforms into an incredibly effective water filtration system. We're infusing this precious metal into Navajo pottery, creating a filter yielding drinkable water for all. Earth has given us an abundance of clay and Piñon tree resin and now the necessary Silver will arrive just in time. Over a 25 day study to simulate household-use conditions, this filtration system sustained disinfection of a coculture of Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria while controlling biofouling.

This pilot project is more than just a scientific experiment. It's a testament to cooperation, a union of tradition and innovation. It's a step towards delivering pure water to the largest reservation in the USA, an area neglected and oppressed for centuries.

But the implications of this project go beyond the Navajo Nation. The hope is to facilitate worldwide adoption, extending this beacon of hope to other regions lacking clean water. 

This is the story of the Silver Academy's Navajo water filtration project - a tale of silver particles, clay pottery, and pine resin. It's a story of hope, perseverance, and the relentless pursuit of clean water. It's a story that proves that sometimes, the most powerful solutions are hidden in the simplest of places.

Remember, water is the key to all life, and through this project, we're unlocking a future where clean, drinkable water is not a privilege but fundamental. 

So, as we journey on this quest for clean water, let us not forget the importance of every single drop. Every drop counts, every drop matters. The earth yields the clay, the silver, the pine resin and our human hands mold a clean water future For it is in these drops that we find life, hope, and deliver the greatest good for the greatest many. This isn't about being Woke. This is about being Wise.

Until next time, Let's renew our faith. We believe in the creator of Earth and of all things visible and invisible and vow to respect all colors, all creatures, all religions, and all genders and to fight the evil Federal Reserve, which uses their paper Federal Reserve note as a War certificate to fund illegal and immoral wars. The Kingdom is here on Earth, and we vow to fight war by fighting the endless money printing that funds the endless wars. Silver will strike down the sinister and murderous thief by 2025.

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