A Silver Price Manipulation Primer

February 17, 2021

silver price manipulation

It has been a long ten years, but it seems that the investing world is finally beginning to realize that the globally-recognized prices of gold and silver are managed and manipulated by the Bullion Banks, which operate as market makers within the fraudulent fractional reserve and digital derivative pricing scheme.

Actually, if you understand this, then the price action often makes sense. If you view the price charts from the perspective of a bullion bank trader, then you can see where technical analysis is used against you, the regular trader/investor. At my site TF Metals Report, we call this "Manipulation Analysis", and it serves us all quite well. Let's take recent action as your latest example.

The price of COMEX gold broke out to new all-time highs last August but has since been managed lower within a well-defined downtrend by the market-controlling Banks. And why do they do this? To keep the trend and sentiment moving downward for as long as possible in the hope of managing and covering their massive short positions.

On the chart below, the purple arrow is the upper boundary of the widely-followed "bull flag" on the weekly and monthly charts. It is imperative that The Banks keep price below this line for as long as possible, for any breakout—like the kind that was severely beaten back in early January—will be quickly recognized by traders, and price will begin a new and accelerating uptrend. Be sure to notice that every subsequent rally that has dared tap that flag line has been immediately crushed backward.

But also note the parallel red arrow below it. This line was initially enforced as resistance all through the fourth quarter of 2020, only now it serves as support—most recently on Tuesday, the 16th. The Banks have tried to smash the red arrow, too, but the current rush toward physical metal is prohibiting it. In the end, ALL trends are broken and it's just a matter of time before this one is, too.

But, anyway, this post is not about COMEX gold. Instead, it's about COMEX silver and the ongoing, grassroots effort to squeeze the Banks through the acquisition of physical metal. This movement has generated such momentum that The Banks are getting nervous...as plainly evident by the actions of both JPMorgan and Aberdeen in regards to their allegedly "fully backed and allocated" ETFs.

Thanks to @BullionStar and https://t.co/DIvFwhiogM for alerting me to change in #SLV prospectus that let's [sic] SLV off the hook if it is full of paper instead of #silver. This admission by SLV could be the trigger that launches the silver rocket. More here: https://t.co/w1EabVxOAN pic.twitter.com/0qr5NUj4Cy

— James Turk (@FGMR) February 14, 2021

Now SIVR (Aberdeen Silver ETF 1140 MT AG) has changed its Prospectus 2 Feb, panicking that "an online campaign intended to harm hedge funds & large banks is encouraging retail investors to purchase silver and shares of Silver ETPs to intentionally increase prices" #silversqueeze pic.twitter.com/WyEg7sL7pq

— BullionStar (@BullionStar) February 15, 2021

As an aside, ask yourself why the fund manager Aberdeen would feel the need to voice a concern regarding an "online campaign intended to harm large banks". What the heck does that have to do with their supposedly fully-allocated silver fund? But I digress…

Since late January, the movement to squeeze The Banks has consistently gained momentum, and I've been asked on multiple occasions to compile a list of all the posts I've written for public distribution through Sprott Money since 2016. So, here's the list. Please feel free to sort through, read, and forward as many as possible.

Of course, the length of the list would be much longer if I included everything I've written at TF Metals Report since 2010. It would be impossible to compile, too, since we discuss the price manipulation nearly every day. For now, though, let's just start with the earliest I can find and work forward.

And for good measure, here's one more link. I can't find where I ever submitted it to Sprott Money, so I think it was only published to the TFMR site. When you have the time, you should DEFINITELY read this:

Abject Corruption

Anyway, I hope that all of this has been helpful over the years. The fight against the criminal forces that control the precious metal pricing scheme continues, and it is still far from over. However, if we can continue to apply pressure to The Banks through physical metal acquisition, a forced deleverage is coming. When that finally happens, you can be certain that the price discovered through a system that is more based in physical reality will not be $27 per ounce.

As always, prepare accordingly.


US silver mining began on a large scale with the discovery of the Comstock Lode in Nevada in 1858.

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