Silver Prices Likely To Go “Exponential” – Guggenheim Co-Founder

January 29, 2020

Silver prices are likely to go “exponential again” according to Guggenheim Partners co-founder Scott Minerd, in an interview with Bloomberg at Davos (see silver chart and interview below)

◆ Silver is “the number one conviction trade in 2020” Minerd, who is also the Guggenheim Global Chief Investment Officer (CIO) told Bloomberg whose conviction trade was greeted with surprise by Bloomberg’s Tom Keene and Jonathan Ferro

◆ Silver has more room to run and there is a “strong probability” that silver will go “exponential” again according to Minerd

“When you look at the relative values of silver and gold, silver is about 65% below its prior peak while gold is very close to its prior peak”

◆ Financial markets and assets are a central bank fueled ‘ponzi scheme’ warned Minerd who is concerned about the huge rally seen in bond and particularly stock markets 


The word ‘silver’ originates from the Old English Anglo-Saxon word 'seolfor'

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