Silver Rally Has Occurred In The Face Of Stronger Dollar & Higher Yields

June 6, 2024

Perhaps what's been most shocking about this year's silver rally is that the price has made its move in the face of a stronger dollar and higher yields.

The Fed's rate cuts have still not appeared, and even though the US 10-year bond yield has declined over the past 2 months, it's still 10 basis points higher than when silver began its move.

So today John Lee of Silver Elephant checks in to talk about the rally, what's driven gold and silver prices in the face of what are typically adverse conditions for the metals, and the impact of the geopolitical escalations we've seen over recent months.

He also talks about how the small size of the silver market also leaves it vulnerable to mainstream inflows, and what he sees over the short and long term for the silver price from here.

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Arcadia Economics


Most silver is produced as a byproduct of copper, gold, lead and zinc refining.

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