Is The Stock Market Primed And Ready For A Significant Haircut?

July 16, 2021

Once again Chris Vermeulen joins Greg Dickerson on Dickerson International to talk about Bitcoin and the Stock Market. During the past month, Bitcoin has been in a bottoming phase with the question being – is it a consolidation before the price goes lower or a base before it begins to trend upward.

Conversely, the technicals behind the stock market charts indicate that while it may have reached a topping phase, the prices are supported by fewer and fewer stocks. The Financial Sector has recently broken through two support levels to the downside, so it may not be long now until the overall market trend reverses.

As something entirely new, hang on until the end of the interview to see two grown men get really excited about youth entrepreneurship! Chris delves into his new project, URLYstart, which aims to bring a program of gamified entrepreneurship to as many kids as possible.


During 1500s the Spaniards had taken 16,000,000 kilograms of silver from Peru.

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