When the Yen Falls, So Does the Whole Keynesian System

June 24, 2024

Back in May we heard that the Bank of Japan spent $62B defending the yen. It didn't work too well, with the yen right back at 34 years lows and threatening to break them any minute now, perhaps by the time you're watching this. Speaking of $62B, this week we heard that a Japanese bank called Norinchukin is selling about the same amount in underwater bonds, thanks to higher for longer interest rates, which aren't having much of an effect blunting price inflation anyway.

It just so happens that Japan is the single largest holder of US Treasurys in the world, at a gargantuan sum of $1.15 trillion. No wonder Japan's is the first foreign banking system to be directly affected by high dollar interest rates.

The Keynesian experiment is unraveling fast now, while silver holds over $30. Rafi Farber still believes we are in for one last global banking crisis, after which silver will, during a brief period of monetary panic, become money directly once again.

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