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The silver price is down again today, while the move towards a gold-backed Ruble continues.

So where does this leave the average investor who's just trying to keep their money safe?

JP Morgan's New York silver vault is running low again as inflows into SLV are pressuring the bullion bank.Meanwhile, Comex has been bleeding physical platinum at an alarming pace since July 2021, and the European Federation of Energy...
Rafi explains how silver is in place to explode as we are on the brink of WWIII.

So click to watch this timely video now!

Chris shares a quick explanation of what happened in the silver market yesterday. Click to watch this video now!********
If some people were already worried about the silver supply and supply chain since SilverSqueeze weekend last year, is it safe to say it hasn’t gotten any better now that truckers have shut down Canada, while a 7.5% inflation print this...
The banks did it.

They got caught.

The regulators took the bribe.

And now you can see how it all went down.

The silver squeeze started last January 29, 2021. But the movie never finished, and now you’re about to see the...
Attention silver investors.

The paper silver market is breaking as we speak.

There will be weekend-long coverage here at Arcadia Economics, on what will also be the 1 year anniversary of Silver Squeeze weekend.

And in this week...
After a 3-day silver price rally, Bill Holter checked in on the show. To find out what’s going on, why the markets are reacting like they are, and what you can expect next, click to watch this timely call with Bill Holter now...
Jim Rogers & Warren Buffet, legendary investors talk silver Revisiting Interesting comments from legendary investors about silver.********
Does it seem odd that the silver price fell over 11% in 2021, despite it being a record year of demand, while the market was also in a deficit for the 2nd straight year?

If you don’t understand how that’s possible, then you’ll want to...


The Fourth Coinage Act of 1873 embraced the gold standard and demonetized silver, known as the “Crime of 73”

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