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Is SLV, that king of all paper silver funds, finally falling out of favor? It certainly seems so. SLV had its 3rd biggest up day on October 4, and despite that, the amount of the silver in the fund fell sharply that same day. Andy...
If physical premiums on silver are near 40%, but the supply of registered silver is dwindling fast, how do you get physical to arbitrage the premium?

The answer is you swipe it from the SLV ETF.

That appears to be what the banks in...
In Weimar, Germany, in 1923, anyone with a $100 bill could exchange that gold substitute for a swanky house in downtown Berlin.

That's about 5oz of gold, and at a 15:1 ratio, about 75oz of silver. That's not fantasy. It actually...
Russia is quickly moving to make the Ruble convertible to gold. Once this move is complete, the bottom will drop out of the dollar, and the public will panic buy silver.********


Man has had the ability to separate silver from lead for as far back as 4000 B.C.

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