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Tyler Wall joins us to discuss the situation that all bullion dealers are dealing with right now.

Nobody can get enough supply.

Everyone is on allocation with the mints.

Inventory is extremely low.

Michael Oliver discusses the latest data on the silver momentum chart, the overall market, inflation and more.

EB Tucker joins us to discuss how he is approaching the markets right now.

Silver, Gold, Russia, Ukraine and much more.

David Morgan discusses the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the breakout in the silver market, the rally is back on.

What to expect going forward?

Macro Alf joins us to discuss how the sanctions on Russia will be impacting the markets. Italian luxury goods from Gucci, oil and natural gas imports to Europe, plus the Gold & Silver impact.

Bix Weir, from Road To Roota, joins us to talk the weakness in the banking system.Also we discuss the TRUE Gold to Silver ratio.It makes zero sense for the ratio to be at 79 where it is today.Also Bank of America short position on silver...
Maneco64 - Mario joins us to discuss the latest issues affecting the gold and silver markets. Mario believes the end game is starting as central banks figure out whether their can tighten policy and tighten the screws on the system...
Bill Holter discusses the likely outcome of a Fed tightening cycle.

With the massive levels of debt in the system, raising rates will be a short term effort.

If the Fed doesn't reverse course, we can expect a bubble popping collapse...
Ed Steer joins us to discuss the latest in the Silver market with his analysis of the market.

Silver is sitting on the launchpad, Bank of America is heavily short the metal.

What can we look forward to in 2022?

Joe Brown from Heresy Financial joins us to discuss his recent Silver related video about this subject, plus other issues happening with the Fed and the economy.********


Peru became the world’s largest producer of silver in 2012.

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