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September silver futures are coming up on an important test of a major supporting floor which, if broken, will all but take the remaining wind out of the silver market's sails.

The silver market has been the talk of metals traders in recent days and weeks after an extraordinary run this year, it's first healthy run in a good 4-5 years.

Whilst the major "brand name" gold producers in Australia have attained significant and at this stage sustainable share price re-ratings, the following stages of the cycle will involve the search for higher leverage.

Gold and the mining stocks have taken a severe beating of late as supply-related pressures weigh heavily against the precious metals markets.

Every day, Monday-Friday anyway, I get the question asked of me, "Which should I buy now, gold or silver?" I am aware of the silver advocates' continual urging of silver over gold, and I can't disagree with their information and pr

While attending the Chicago Natural Resources Conference, the owner of a well-known precious metals web site introduced himself to me.

We wrote last summer in a GOLD-EAGLE editorial that the dominant long-term and interim silver cycles were converging around the October time frame and that a major long-term cyclical bottom would occur in silver at that time.

It is time to look at the possibilities for investing in the Precious Metals Sector. I will take a look at Physical Gold and Silver. Each person will have a varying risk tolerance, and a decision must be made before it is Summertime in...

Mining Share Analysis

The gold and silver futures markets show considerable technical weakness and should seek lower levels in coming days.

One of the most questioned and least understood areas of silver's industrial use is the digital camera arena.

Silver enthusiasts were ecstatic with the white metal's latest rally, and for good reason. The metal has shown signs of technical strength and momentum not seen in quite some time.

It can be an interesting study to plan future action based on known facts of the past -- especially in the financial markets.

Dollar dot com, is the story of the most famous currency in world history.

Our short-term objective for Durban Deep of $1.40 was realized within 24 hours of the posting of our last week's article on GOLD-EAGLE, not bad considering the volatile market for mining stocks and stocks in general. The focus of t

The market for select gold mining stocks remains vibrant heading into autumn, with certain junior mines poised for tremendous percentage gains.

JIM:  It's time to introduce our expert of the day. Joining me on the program is Dave Morgan. Dave has been a private economist and precious metals analyst for over twenty years.

I took out my Black's Law Dictionary and looked up money. Interesting when will look at the legal aspects of things. I will admit I have an old version 1968 to be exact. The reason is bias on my part.

The picture below was taken on Sunday, June 3rd at Yankee Boy Basin, 40 miles from my home, in glorious Colorado. One can't Jeep there in winters or even spring, because there is perhaps 50 feet of snow there.

The silver market is once again being baffled by conflicting information and the strangest thing is that the confusion seemingly traces back to the organization whose mandate is to ensure that the silver supply/demand picture is bo

As a precious metals broker for close to 24 years, I almost daily get questioned as to which precious metal is the most desirable, or prudent one in which to invest. Both have definite advantages, and both are wonderful.

JIM:  David, since our last show, you have written "Silver in 2001 Part 2". Would you care to comment on your most important points?

As a confessed silver bull, most who have read my work know I try and stick to the most basic fundamentals of supply and demand. I build my case upon what I consider to be the best available information.

Silly comparison? I think not. First, let's look at "electricity." Consider electricity on the left coast especially, and that is California. For years, California regulated electricity to the ultimate degree.

In Part-1 I made a case that all is not right in the silver world because of three main reasons, the marginal mining operations are going out of business, supply has been in deficit situation for over a decade, and the price of sil

As we enter the year 2001, the bullish case for silver grows by the day.

Here it is the Holiday Season again, and if you are not much of a shopper you will probably wait until the last minute to complete it as I will.

Science, and in the real world mathematics is used by mankind to strictly describe nature as objectively as possible.

With a 10-year supply/demand shortfall, declining silver production, and evaporating above-ground supplies of silver, what has kept the silver price from rising sharply over the past year or so - along with oil, platinum, palladium, and...

This article is devoted to silver shorts and silver bears. The title of the article is not about when silver will reach a price of zero but rather when will all available inventories of silver be gone.


The symbol for silver ‘AG’ comes from the Latin word ‘agentum’ meaning silver.

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