Bonds & The Dollar Ignore Equity "Putin Deja Vu" Exuberance

March 19, 2014

London (Mar 19)  US equity markets are up around 2% from Friday's close - extending yesterday's hope-filled gains on the back of Vladimir Putin not nuke-ing the world this morning and lower-than-expected inflation prompting hope for moar free money tomorrow. This jump is a ridiculous deja vu all over again of Putin's first press conference. Bear in mind that the USD is unchanged on the week and Treasury yields are up a mere 1-2bps - so hardly a resounding risk-on conviction. Following yesterday's epic low volume, today was little better. Copper was flat as Oil prices rose back towards $100. Gold and silver were pummeled - just for good measure (gold's biggest 2-day drop in 3 months) - as was VIX (which took over the role of S&P 500 driver from AUDJPY after Europe closed). The afternoon saw VIX diverging (higher ahead of tomorrow's FOMC) from rising stocks. For the week, USD unch, Bonds unch, Stocks +2%, Gold -2%.

Source:  ZeroHedge

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