Did Gold price prove the selling is over?

October 13, 2020

New York (Oct 13)  While the gold bulls continue to insist that the bottoms are in, the simple fact is that they are not. Unfortunately, there are too many traders who get too emotional about their opinion versus the facts in front of them. In the case of the precious metals, our short-term call remains bearish.

Too many investors confuse trading and investing, which causes more losses to the average investor than profits. First, you must determine what your objective of the trade is. Second, you can never mix the two strategies.

I am a long-term gold and silver bull and I own a lot of physical of both. However, as a trader, I have no opinion. My objectives are to make money. Too many cannot separate the short-term emotion from their long-term goals. When trading, you have one purpose, to make money on what you trade, no matter your opinion.

We make no promises on any one trade. We are grinding out profits over the long run. We will remain short gold, silver and platinum; we will not change until our signal changes no matter what the news or overall sentiment is. It’s that simple.


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