The Euro Currency Deluge Has it should decline going forward

September 6, 2014

New York (Sept 6)  The first chart (basis monthly) shows the Euro falling below a multi-year triangle with an objective target of 110.

 Moreover, Technical Indicators RSI and CCI are decidedly bearish.

The second chart shows a bearish Giant Head&Shoulders Top. Once the neckline is severed,

 the subsequent price objective will be 2000-2002 support at 85.

In the event of the above, the US$ will necessarily rise as it is the inverse of the Euro currency.

 The chart shows a bullish Inverse H&S which has a price target of 105 if the neckline is cut.

The above Euro Technicals are congruent with the Fundamentals as per this recent analysis:

 The Ultimate Demise Of The Euro Union

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