Eyes Are On EUR/USD And Gold Price

January 23, 2019

London (Jan 23)  The EUR/USD pair paused on the 1.1367 daily level. If the pair moves down below 1.1367, the selling pressure may gain more momentum. At this point, we will see 1.1262 as a support level. On the other hand, if the price rises above 1.1367, the next resistance level can be seen at 1.1446

Support: 1.1262 – 1.1188 - 1.1122

Resistance: 1.1367 – 1.1446 - 1.1531


The Gold price is trading just above the key level of 1283. As long as the yellow metal price sustains above 1283 on a four hourly basis, the upward movement may continue and we will see resistance level at 1291. Although, if the price falls below 1283, the next support level is holding at 1276.

Support: 1283 - 1276 - 1272

Resistance: 1291 - 1307 - 1319

S&P 500 Futures Index

The S&P 500 Futures index dropped below the 2641 key level. As long as the index stays below 2641, on a four hourly basis, the bearish action may continue. Should this occur, we will face 2608 and 2578 as support levels. On the other hand, If the index moves up above 2641, the next daily resistance level will be placed at 2674.

Support: 2608 - 2608 - 2578

Resistance: 2641 - 2674 - 2700


The USD/NZD pair jumped up in the Asian Trade Session after data showed that New Zealand Consumer Price Index edged higher in the fourth quarter and reducing the possibility of an interest rate cut.

The NZD/USD pair is currently trading above the daily level of 0.6773. As long as the price stays above that level on a daily basis, the rise may continue and the resistance level will be at 0.6852. On the other hand, if the price shows a downward movement below 0.6773, the next support level can be found at 0.6722 again.

Support: 0.6773 - 0.0.6722 - 0.6665

Resistance: 0.6852 - 0.6852 - 0.6916


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