Glass Ceiling For Precious Metals To Crack This Year

January 16, 2019

New York (Jan 16)  Precious metals, especially silver, are expected to ride the tailwinds of a stronger economy this year and break past key resistance levels, said Paul Mladjenovic, author of "Precious Metals Investors For Dummies."

"Finally, I can end up seeing that the supply and demand factors will be able to crack some of the what looks like glass ceilings for silver," Mladjenovic told Kitco News.

On base metals, Mladjenovic said that slowing growth could be a concern.

"I'll be somewhat concerned about the base metals, definitely. I've realized that on our end, we might be picking up some infrastructure spending for 2019, that might offset it, but the global economy, it is a concern, because a lot of those countries are going to be hit by the world debt bubble," he said.


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