Global Gold Bar, Coin demand advances 4% y/y in 2018

February 8, 2019

London (Feb 8)  Global Gold bar and coin demand rose 4% year on year, reaching 1,090 ton in 2018, according to World Gold Council.

 A pick-up in retail investment demand in the second half of the year, boosted by the fall in the gold price across most currencies in Q3 and heightened equity market volatility in Q4, made up for the relatively quiet H1.

 Delving into specific product categories, bar sales were steady at 781.6t. Indeed, bar demand has been remarkably stable over the past five years with annual demand anchored between a low of 780t in 2014 and a high of 797t in 2016.

 The official coin market, however, saw annual demand surge 26% to 236t, the second highest level on record – the previous high was 270.9t in 2013.

 Coin demand flourished in a few countries, most notably Iran and South Africa, where retail investor concerns around stock market volatility, currency weakness and geopolitical uncertainty were common themes.


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