Global gold demand will overwhelm manipulators

November 21, 2014

New York (Nov 21)  Precious metals have taken a horrible beating over the past month. They were suppressed to levels not seen since 2010. The result of this price depression was a massive increase in demand from individual investors and nations alike. 

No longer are people fooled by the paper price of precious metals. Premiums have remained relatively high through this price correction and demand has been so intense, that the US Mint was forced to cease sales of their ever-popular Silver American Eagles.

Nation states, such as China and Russia are well known for their affinity to gold and have also continued their accumulation of precious metals. Russia, which officially became the fifth largest holder of gold recently, announced that it has once again increased their gold reserves by another 150 additional tonnes in 2014. An increase of 8.4% year over year.

Source: SproutMoney

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