Gold Price Forecast – Timing The Bottom

November 30, 2019

London (Nov 30)  With our Gold Cycle Indicator below 100, the odds are beginning to favor an intermediate low.

The Perfect Price

As investors, we consume information, decipher forecasts, and interpret charts looking for the perfect entry. We want to know the perfect time to buy – it’s human nature. Over the years, I’ve learned that chasing the perfect price leads to poor investment decisions and missed opportunities. Below are some common investing mistakes.

◾All-In or All-Out: Novice investors tend to buy or sell everything at once. Likely a symptom of trying to pick the perfect price. As I gained experience, I began to scale into and out of positions – slowly. Focusing less on the near-term fluctuations and more on my long-term goal.

◾Analysis Paralysis: A situation in which an individual or group is unable to move forward with a decision as a result of overanalyzing data or overthinking a problem. After reading a multitude of investment articles and forecasts, one may find themselves even more confused and unable to decide.

◾Rushed Decisions: A rushed decision is usually a wrong decision. If you’re feeling panicked…like you must buy (or sell) something NOW – then it’s probably an emotional decision, you’ll later regret.


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