Gold: Will It Be A Good Buy While A Sudden Dip May Attract Bulls?

December 7, 2019

London (Dec 7)  On analysis of the steep downward move in Gold Futures, I find that this seems to be a right time to shoot bears; while they look over enthusiastic with stronger job data. There is no doubt that the investors have pushed up the value of risk assets on the assumption that the American economy isn’t close to signaling a recession - a fear that has confronted investors amid an ongoing trade war.

I find that this sudden downward move in Gold futures looks to be a good opportunity for bulls to go long from $1465 with a stop loss at $1445 for a target at 1525 during this month; while December 15 still looks to be on the card to provide further clues on Sino-U.S. tariff trade tussle. Finally, I conclude that the global markets are still waiting for the next tweet from the Tariff Man.


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