Indiana Salvation Army receives Gold Krugerrand worth more than $1K in Red Kettle

December 23, 2017

Evansville-Indiana (Dec 23)  The Salvation Army of Evansville is a little bit closer to reaching its fundraising goal this year after an anonymous donor dropped a Gold Krugerrand into one of their Red Kettles this week.

The 1970 South African gold Krugerrand is estimated to be worth more than $1,000. It is unclear which kettle the coin was left in.

Earlier this week, the Salvation Army of Evansville put out a plea for donations to help them reach their 2017 goal. As of Wednesday, the Salvation Army was still 22 percent away from its goal of $260,000.

"We're calling on all our local support to support the Red Kettle campaign in these final three days of bell ringing," said Captain Scott with the Salvation Army on Thursday. "We're praying for a miracle and asking for support and generous donors to step forward and help us meet our goal this Red Kettle campaign season."


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