Inflation Rising; Chris Martenson Warns: Markets Are Making Faulty Assumptions

November 5, 2018

London (Nov 5)  Coming up Dr. Chris Martenson, of and well-known author of the Crash Course and the book Prosper! joins me for a sensational interview on the recent volatility in stocks and what he thinks it means. Chris also reveals some new facts about depleting global oil supply and when exactly he sees the crisis there finally coming to a head. Stick around for a must-hear conversation with Chris Martenson, coming up after this week's market update.

Precious metals markets got off to a hot start for the month of November. On Thursday, gold gained $20, silver surged to its biggest single-day advance of the year, and platinum broke out to a four-month high. The metals erased losses that had occurred earlier in the week.

As of this Friday recording, gold prices come in unchanged on the week at $1,235 an ounce. The silver market shows a 0.7% weekly gain to bring spot prices to $14.86. Platinum is up 4.2% to trade at $873. And finally, palladium prices are now up slightly, or 0.3% for the week and currently settle at $1,114 per ounce.

Perhaps investors are starting to wake up to the threat of inflation. A Wall Street Journal article this week documented a broad range of price hikes consumers now face on everything from food to clothing to travel. In many cases, the cost increases are running significantly higher than the "core" inflation rate the government cites of 2.2%.

Alternative inflation gauges that more fully account for food, energy, healthcare, and housing costs are running substantially higher. The Big Mac indicator - which simply reflects price trends for the famous McDonald's hamburger - shows prices rising at an annual rate of 4.7%.

Products on grocery store shelves are also showing symptoms of rising inflation. Kellogg's (K) CEO is warning that 2019 will be more inflationary.


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