New York gold price trades lower

November 12, 2015

New York (Nov 12)  The price of an ounce of gold eased again overnight, with futures for December delivery down 0.4% to US$1081 an ounce. In electronic trading, at one point gold dipped to US$1074 an ounce.

The yellow metal remains under price pressure from a pending U.S rate increase, and investors are transitioning from the asset class.

But a benefit for Australia.

Higher U.S. interest rates makes a stronger U.S. Dollar, and therefore a weaker Australian Dollar, and therefore Australian domiciled producers are somewhat insulated from the recent fall.

Considering an FX rate of AUD / USD 0.712, this price gold at A$1450 an ounce, providing significant margins for those pouring at an all-in-cost of under A$1100 an ounce.


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