Reasons Why People Buy 925 Silver Jewelry

NEW YORK (Aug 3)  Silver is one of the most affordable materials that is often used to make beautiful jewelry. However, it can be plain if used in its pure form. For it to work as a beautiful material used to make earrings and necklaces, it needs to be turned into intricate designs and paired with other materials so that the desired quality is achieved. This is where 925 silver jewelry, sometimes referred to as sterling comes in.

What is 925 Silver?

The 925 is given because it contains 92.5% silver while the other 7.5% is copper. The addition of copper is done to make it easier to shape and create beautiful jewelry. In its purest form it is not ductile enough to be curved and shaped into the many designs that you would normally see in silver wholesale jewelry stores.

Pure silver is also very soft for jewelry. This makes it a poor material for some intricate designs and for knobs that require strength. Adding copper makes it harder and improves its durability. This makes it practical enough to make jewelry such as bracelets, earrings and necklaces.

Less Tarnish

Another reason why this material is chosen for jewelry is because it is easier to clean. If you have handled pure silver before, then you know the amount of tarnish that it can accumulate over a period of time. Tarnish is a dark grey coating that foams on top of the material if left without being polished for a considerable period of time. It forms when the jewelry reacts with hydrogen sulfide in the air.

The right mixture of copper and silver will considerably reduce the accumulation of the tarnish. If the jewelry is made of poor quality materials, it will accumulate a lot of it.

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