Silver: An Explosive Metal In 2019

June 14, 2019

London (June 14)  The price of silver (SILVER) is about to get explosive. It seems that everything is lined up for our silver price forecast 2019 as well as silver stocks forecast 2019 to come true. Particularly the silver price chart has an explosive looking. Interestingly, though, almost every precious metals related chart has some sort of explosive feeling.

The whole precious metals complex is trading at major, major breakout levels.

•The gold chart as discussed in What Happens If Gold’s Price Rises 2 Pct And Breaks Out is just 2 pct below its 6.5 year giant bear market wall.

•Gold and silver stocks are right at massive breakout levels in their 8 year bear market channels.

•Silver has one of the most explosive setups.

The silver chart, in particular, is featured in this article.

Two years ago we were featured in this silver article on MarketWatch with our viewpoint that silver had peaked in April in that particular year.

This year, however, we believe the opposite is happening: we are at a major bottom in the silver market. Yes, as per our forecast, the silver price should rise at a minimum 50% from here.

Sentiment is horrible in the gold market. Anecdotally, a quick search on ‘silver price‘ in Google News does not return anything meaningful whatsoever. Not any financial outlet features precious metals, certainly not silver.

We like this a lot.


Because the combination of silver trading at major breakout point with a horrible sentiment is the ideal playground for a major bull run.

Still not convinced? No problem, just go back 4 months in time, and look at Bitcoin and crypto in general. We noticed *exactly* the same combination, and documented it even in the public domain Cryptocurrency Alert: The Crypto Winter Has Ended. This was published a month and a half before Bitcoin’s major breakout.

We were proven. We believe we will be proven right in the precious metals market as well, either in the next weeks or ultimately after summer.

The silver chart featured below does not need any comment, it is simply gorgeous! Ignore at your own peril, and avoid the situation of chasing prices higher after a 40% rally as you will be in a bad spot.


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