Silver has shown a promising rejection of a technical zone

March 26, 2021

New York (Mar 26)  Silver shows that there has been a decent rejection of a key technical area. The area at $24.30/oz is an important value area as it is the peak of where the most trading activity has taken place on the chart over this time period. 

Now the price is back in the consolidation zone between $24.30-27.00/oz. On the topside, the next important area is at the top of the aforementioned consolidation zone at $27/oz. Before that, there is another resistance zone at $26.14/oz that needs to be watched as the price could react there. 

On the downside, the bottom of the previous eave low is the next support but if there is a break of that zone the main support area stands at $21.81/oz. Interestingly, the last daily candle has a decent rise in volume at the lows. This could meed that there is some market backing for the rejection of lower levels.

Looking ahead, we cannot say that either the bulls or the bears are in charge. We will need to look for clues and any break of the levels mentioned above could help us work out where the precious metal could be headed next.


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