Silver, platinum and palladium are stable in quiet trading

July 17, 2013

Gold's sister metal silver was equally subdued in early trading, the metal falling 15 cents to $19.80/19.85, though it had been above $20 in earlier trading.

Silver ETFs increased holdings, with 24 tonnes added to the total, taking it to 19,182.87.

Platinum is similarly lower, falling $4 to $1,413/1,423 per ounce and palladium dipping $3 to $728/733 per ounce.

Both platinum and palladium ETFs shed tiny amounts of holdings, platinum falling a fractional two ounces to 2,217,610 ounces and palladium dropping 6 ounces to 2,434,422 ounces.  US dollar looks to make a breakout...and could rise to 103.$USD&p=M&yr=20&mn=0&dy=0&id=p82921820212&a=304868182&listNum=2

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